This is our attempt at sharing our addiction…er we mean, totally normal level of love for Korean dramas, a.k.a. Dramaworld. We enjoy watching dramas/movies from other Asian countries as well but K-dramas remain by far our favourites.

Welcome to our K-drama world. 



Meet Cee, lover of Korean dramas, music, food and the Korean language. Aspiring writer [too] proficient in sarcasm and bad jokes.


“Bangabseubnida yeoreobun!”

I go by R. My hobbies include drawing, watching tons of K-dramas and as a consequence of that I now  have mostly Korean artists on my playlist. #noregrets


How it all began…

Discover how Cee stumbled into K-drama and R was a willing victim to follow suit.

Let the journey continue 🙂

-Cee & R.

2 thoughts on “Dramaworld

  1. Hi!, I stumbled into your site and was very happy to find others who are in more serious condition of K-drama addiction than I, and that you have this site to be able to vent all emotions regarding the drama- addictions and frustrations. I am very new to K-dramas as I have only crash-landed on it after the Corona-lockdown- sometime in March- when friends started texting CLOY! It got me, I was hooked and spent many sleepless long hours binge watching all the dramas. Pretty soon it was obvious that I needed some sort of intervention- came across other blogs that pointed out the hazards of K-dramas and now I think I am getting the grips of it. Discipline is called for and a lot of patience and imagination. Yes I do read other blogs and commentaries and I am happy to see many are in the same predicament as I. It also helps in deciding which K drama to binge-watch for it to matter what K-drama is worth spending precious time with. So far I could say practically each drama I have seen touched a chord of emotion that seem to have been forgotten or have been pushed down into the recesses of my heart and mind. But now I am almost thankful for awakening them and helping me recall how splendid it felt at one point in time.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to share your story. We love meeting fellow drama addicts fans. lol. Hopefully our blog will be of help in choosing future dramas to watch.

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