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This is our attempt at sharing our addiction…er we mean, totally normal level of love for Korean dramas, a.k.a. Dramaworld. We enjoy watching dramas/movies from other Asian countries as well but K-dramas remain by far our favourites.

Welcome to our K-drama world. 



Meet Cee, lover of Korean dramas, music, food and the Korean language. Aspiring writer [too] proficient in sarcasm and bad jokes.


“Bangabseubnida yeoreobun!”

I go by R. My hobbies include drawing, watching tons of K-dramas and as a consequence of that I now  have mostly Korean artists on my playlist. #noregrets


How it all began…

Discover how Cee stumbled into K-drama and R was a willing victim to follow suit.

Let the journey continue 🙂

-Cee & R.

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