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5. Trip to South Korea

A K-drama fan’s dream to visit South Korea

Trip to South Korea – Part 1: It started with a kiss dream

Making a visit to South Korea started out as a dream I did not think would ever turn into reality. While watching Korean dramas, I continued to fall deeper in love with the South Korean language, music, food, and culture.

At first it was more the fantasy of a fan dreaming of her own Korean Drama moment. Much like the main protagonist of her favourite romantic comedies. However, as time went on it turned into much more.

A kdrama fan's dream. Soñando con Corea del Sur

I wanted to experience what it was like visiting South Korea and being surrounded by a language that itself is music in my ears. To see firsthand some of the beautiful urban & rural locations, and try the delicious mouth watering food.

It was around this time as well that I crossed paths with some awesome people from South Korea. While they were participating in an exchange program here we became good friends.

Talking to them about their home country and seeing it through their eyes was the final push. I changed from just dreaming about it to instead starting to research what it would take to make this dream into a reality.

When I started expressing my wish to go on a trip to South Korea to those close to me, there were of course mixed reactions. But to my delighted surprise, I ended up with someone saying they would like to be part of this adventure. This someone was my younger sister (R.), a fellow Korean drama fan, and equally fascinated with experiencing Korean culture up close.

Thus began the planning for our trip of a lifetime.


A kdrama fan's dream. Soñando con Corea del Sur

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