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“A love so beautiful” (Korean Remake) First Look

It is Wednesday again and therefore time to take a look at another K-drama that has caught my fancy. As the title has already revealed, we will be talking about the Korean remake of the Chinese drama “A love so beautiful”.

If you, like myself, are a absolute fan of the original, it will come as no surprise that I went into this rather hesitantly. I mean, there was just so many things that could go wrong here due to my high expectations.

A Love so beautiful
Poster image for the (original) Chinese Drama “A love so beautiful”.

Spoiler alert!! After the first episode, I can honestly say that I am very much pleased, and will continue watching.

I fell all over again for the main characters and their quirky personalities. Although initially unsure how I felt about the sound of the main actress’ voice, I soon grew to appreciate it as part of the Shin Sol-Yi character.

Additionally, her bickering interactions with Jin-Hwan, her classmate and close friend, are so on point and had me buying into their friendship immediately.

Jin-Hwan, dorky glasses and all, won my heart upon seeing his first scene which has him entering the classroom singing. I very much look forward to see this confident jokester paired with the though Hwa-Young.

As in the original, it also became quickly evident that I will be suffering from Second-Lead-Syndrome because of transfer student Woo Dae-Sung.

A Love so beautiful
L to R: Jin Hwan, Cha Heon, Shin Sol-Yi, Woo Dae-Sung, and Hwa-Young (front center).

The final result

Overall I am happy to report that the main cast excelled in bringing these beloved characters to life for us all over again.

This is the perfect little drama to binge watch when you cannot commit to a full length drama. Although it consists of 24 episodes, each is only about 23 minutes long.

Due to its setting, I also feel that the dialog used is perfect for practicing ones Korean language skills.

Beware though of diabetes!! The absolute cuteness factor of several of the characters, certain scenes, and just the general feel of “A love so beautiful” is sweetness overload. And I’m here for it. 😉

Until we drama again,


A Love so beautiful

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