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“Angry Mom” (Korean Drama) Review

Author’ Note

Due to May being the month we celebrate Mothers Day, I wanted to direct attention to at least one drama featuring a strong maternal character. For one reason or another, my first [and maybe only] choice was “Angry Mom”.

It is no secret among drama fans that fierce mothers and [future] mother-in-laws make frequent appearances in Korean dramas. We even have plenty of memes/parodies all across social media to prove this.

Secret Garden Parody

But I wanted to draw attention to a story where the mother was genuine in her effort to protect her child and not just intent on controlling their life.

“Angry Mom” is a 2015 drama consisting of 16 episodes.

Trigger Warning: Key events of the drama revolve around themes of school violence/bullying, attempted suicide, rape and homicide.

Angry Mom

The cast

  • Kim Hee-Seon as Jo Kang-Ja/Jo Bang-Wool
  • Kim Yoo-Jung as Oh Ah-Ran
  • Ji Soo as Go Bok-Dong
  • Ji Hyun-Woo as Park No-Ah
  • Baro as Hong Sang-Tae

Angry Mom

Jo Kang-Ja (Kim Hee-Seon) was somewhat of a troublemaker in her youth and not the best of students. However, as an adult she leads a fairly uneventful life looking after her family and running a small restaurant.

While her husband works, Kang-Ja takes care of the house and their daughter Oh Ah-Ran (Kim Yoo-Jung). Ah-Ran is her pride and joy. She is a smart and diligent student and all seems to be well.

Kang-Ja is therefor shocked and terrified when she finds out that her daughter has been suffering serious bullying by classmates.

Angry Mom

She approaches the school in an attempt to resolve the issue and genuinely believing that this will be it. But instead the bullying takes on even more frightening forms.

The concerns of the worried mother are also disregarded by the board of education and the police.

Seeing her daughter become but a shadow of her former self, Kang-Ja decides to take drastic actions. Disguised as a teenager she inscribes herself as a student at her daughter’s high school.

Angry Mom

While layer after layer discovering the truth, Kang-Ja receives help from several vastly different but equally unexpected supporters.

Final observation

Could someone Kang-Ja’s age really pass as a high school student and not be discovered? Most likely not.

Angry Mom

However, that has no bearing on the fact that this is a well written story and truly fantastic executed drama. Prepare yourselves for a unique emotional roller coaster.

Until we drama again,


Angry Mom

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