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“Close my eyes” [2017] (South Korean Movie) Review

“Close my eyes” – also known as “Eyes Closed” – is a 2017 Korean Movie, starring:

  • Baro (B1A4) as Kim Hyun-Woo
  • Seol In-Ah as Mi Rim

Genre: Crime, Mystery, Thriller/Suspense

Runtime: 2 hour 24 minutes

Rated: 18+ (The movie deals with violence, murder and mental illness. If these are themes that trigger you, please be advised.)

Close my eyes

A young blind man makes his living by singing and playing his guitar for passerby at a underground market. The young man goes by the name of Kim Hyun-Woo (Baro).

Over time Hyun-Woo has become familiar with several of the shop owners, as well as many customers. On occasion they will stop by to talk to him about their life or just things in general.

One day a man sits down next to him and proceeds to describe in gruesome detail, how he killed someone. Upon seeing the shock on the blind man’s face, he quickly says that it is all a joke. The story is simply part of a novel he is working on.

Despite the strangers attempt to laugh it off, Hyun-Woo cannot help but feel uneasy about the incident. Especially when shortly after he is told, that someone was found murdered in an eerily similar way.

Hyun-Woo’s attempts to convince himself that it is all a coincidence, prove increasingly ineffective as additional people around him start disappearing.

He decides to go and anonymously inform the police of his earlier encounter.

But not long after, Mi Rim (Seol In-Ah), a young girl he got close to, vanishes. Fearing the worst, Hyun-Woo takes it upon himself to find Mi Rim and catch the killer.

Author’s Note

This is not my usual genre of movies. However, considering it has Baro as the main actor, I had to give it a try. And I was not disappointed by his acting or the story.

Baro succeeded perfectly in conveying a range of emotions through his character with his facial expressions.

The story has a nice pace to it and keeps you at the edge of your seat throughout the movie. Due to the many nuances of all characters, “Close my Eyes” keeps you guessing on the suspect’s identity until the end.

There is also a hint of romance.**”Le gasp!”, she exclaimed sarcastically** Just enough to add to the overall emotional pull of the story, but not to a point where it ruins the suspense of it.



Young man wearing dark glasses sitting and playing guitar.

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