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Go Go Squid 2: DT, Appledog’s Time (Chinese Drama) First Look

Here I bring you another first look. This time I’m looking at “Go Go Squid 2: DT, Appledog’s Time” that was released just this year 2021. Its plot surrounds around robot combat gamers.


  • Hu Yi Tian as Wu Bai A.k.a. DT
  • Li Yi Tong as Ai Qing A.k.a. Appledog

Appledog’s Time

Ai Qing a.k.a. Appledog has been in the Robot games for years. She’s considered a legend and has many fans. Her biggest dream is to win the Asian Tournament. At tonight’s event she will have to go against DT. Whether she loses or wins this round will determine if she can go to the Asian tournament.

Li Yi Tong as Appledog in Go Go Squid 2

DT’s Time

Wu Bai A.k.a. DT is a newcomer to the game. 7 years ago, he first saw Appledog with her then team Solo and decided to also learn the game to get a chance to one day compete with her and stand on the same platform as her. His dream has come true; for tonight, he is playing against non-other than Appledog.

But DT carries a secret with him. He is slowly losing his eyesight and keeps postponing the surgery because he doesn’t want to miss out on playing the game.

Hu Yi Tan as Wu Bai DT in Go Go Squid 2

Author’s Note

“Go Go Squid 2: DT, Appledog’s Time” sparked my attention by having Hu Yi Tan star in it. After learning that his character also appeared in the first season, I decided it was best to first watch that in order to get a better feeling about de character and the backstory.

I ended up really liking the first season and was looking forward to seeing all the characters again in the second season. I had missed the old Solo team and of course the K&K team.

To read my review on the first season click here.

What is happening?!

First thing I obviously noted even while watching the first season, was that Appledog would be portrayed by a different actress in the second season. I really liked the original actress but what you gonna do? I decided that this new actress was probably going to work out great as well.

So… I started watching it… I got very confused… What happened to the CTF championships? Why is Appledog supposedly taking part in robot combat games and has been for years? This was never mentioned in the first season. I wasn’t complaining as I still thought the whole thing was cool. Not as cool as CTF but, you know, cool…

I was very confused

Another thing that struck me was that they introduced each other. They already knew each other from the first season. What is going on?! I decided to keep watching it and I determined that this season must be set in a time prior to the first season and after rechecking the timeframe I was proven right.

But the series threw me for a loop again when it finally caught up with the timeline but nothing about CTF was mentioned. Everything was still about robots. Also DT was behaving like he was the Boss of K&K, like he had the same power his cousin has, when that wasn’t the case at all in the first season of Go Go Squid.

This is when I decided to turn to our dear Mr. Google to ask some questions. I stumbled on bunch of comments that had gone through the same ordeal as me. One comment in particular caught my eye as it said: “It is best to not so much view this series as a season 2 of the original but rather as a parallel universe of it.”

Well, I have decided to do just that and give it a chance. I will however miss the original team a lot! As I notice that most of the actors have changed…

If you have been thinking about watching this series I would still encourage you to do so. I think it will still be a good story by its own.

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