The Korean drama “Good Doctor” is a medical drama with a twist as its main character is a autistic Savant. 

JooWon as Shi-On

The drama’s story follows the main character as he grows up and struggles to realize his dream of becoming a pediatrician. “Good Doctor” originally aired in 2013 and consists of 20 episodes total. 

In 2017, ABC started airing  the TV show “The Good Doctor” featuring a storyline inspired by this drama. In addition, Japan released a 10 episode drama adaptation with the same title in 2018. Just last year, so in 2019, Turkey followed suit with their TV Program named “Miracle Doctor”.

I have personally yet to watch any of these adaptations/remakes, but have heard promising things about the ABC drama. Let me know in the comments below if and which adaptation you think I should check out, and why. 

Good Doctor

The Cast

  • Joo Won as Park Shi-On
  • Moon Chae-Won as Cha Yoon-Seo
  • Joo Sang-Wook as Kim Do-Han
  • Kim Min-Seo as Yoo Chae-Kyung
  • Cheon Ho-Jin as Dr. Choi Woo-Seok
  • Kwak Do-Won as Kang Hyun-Tae
  • Kim Young-Kwang as Han Jin-Wook
  • Park Yoon as Woo Il-Kyu
  • Yoon Bong-Gil as Hong Gil-Nam
  • Wang Ji-Won as Kim Sun-Joo
  • Ko Chang-Seok as Jo Jung-Mi
  • Jin Kyung as Nam Joo-Yeon
  • Na Young-Hee as Lee Yeo-Won
  • Jo Hee-Bong as Ko Choong-Man
  • Choi Ro-Woon as the young Park Shi-On

The Story

While working in a small rural town, a doctor becomes particularly involved in the lives of one of the residential families. After witnessing the struggles of their youngest son – who displays signs of autism- he decides to take the young boy under his wing.

Good Doctor

By coincidence he comes upon the boy one day reading and memorising his books on human anatomy. The doctor is stunned. This boy that everyone wrote off as being unintelligent shows definite signs of being a autistic Savant.

 As a result of the Savant syndrome, the child is able to easily commit massive amounts of information to memory. He then sort of creates a 3D image of the human body and condition in his brain.

Having discovered this, the doctor goes about teaching the young boy all he can. As the boy grows into an adult, he encourages him to continuously further his studies in the medical field. Despite opposition from his colleagues, he insists on giving the young man a much coveted position of intern at a prestigious hospital.

The young man is initially misunderstood by many and facing difficulties adjusting to his new environment. But despite setbacks, he soon carves out a place for himself in the heart of co-workers and patients alike. With his unique way of viewing the world and it’s problems, he is sure to make waves.

Moon Chae-Won & JooWon

Author’s Note

Ok…I was debating skipping the author’s note on this one. However, I decided to come on here real quick to say the following:

This is definitely a must-see drama, even if medical dramas are not your usual cup of tea. 

All characters are well written and serve a purpose in the telling of the story. Even the less complex [comic relief] characters add to the overall charm of this drama.

The acting is superb (in case the cast list didn’t already tell you this) and the storyline moving. 

Until we drama again,


Good Doctor

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