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“He is Psychometric” (Korean Drama) Review

‘He is Psychometric’, a investigation drama with just a hint of the supernatural. The story follows four young adults as they try to find out the truth about criminal cases.

He Is Psychometric


  • Park Jin-Young as Lee Ahn
  • Shin Ye-Eun as Yoon Jae-In
  • Kim Kwon as Kang Sung-Mo
  • Kim Da-Som as Eun Ji-Soo

A orphan, a secretive police woman, a prosecutor and a detective are the four main characters in ‘He is Psychometric’. Four individuals whose lives changed drastically due to a fire inside a apartment complex years ago. The incident intertwined their lives beyond what they imagine.

Some lost their home, others lost their parents, but everyone lost varying degrees of their innocence that fateful night.

Lee Ahn

The 9-year old Lee Ahn incurs a bad head injury during his escape from an apartment fire that leaves him an orphan.

Following the traumatic event he discovers that he is psychometric. He now has the ability to read peoples memories by coming in contact with their person or objects they recently touched.

Although he wants to develop his skill to help out with catching criminals, it also causes him much pain. When out in public and accidentally touching random passerby, he often sees things he would rather not see.

Lee Ahn

As a result he has taken to wearing hoodies with long sleeves. This way he can cover his hands and avoid any physical contact with people.

His way of dressing and his behaviour often cause him to be misunderstood as a bad guy.

Lee Ahn is by no means a bad guy. However, the 21-year old is known to have been involved in his share of fights as a teenager. These happened mostly as a result of him defending a classmate of his who was being bullied.

By defending said classmate, Lee Ahn also won himself a loyal friend.

He Is Psychometric

Things improve for Lee Ahn when Kang Sung-Mo reenters his life during his high school years.

Kang Sung-Mo

During an apartment fire, the 15 year old Sung-Mo saves the life of a little boy named Lee Ahn.

After the incident, Lee Ahn sees in Sung-Mo the older brother he never had and looks up to him. During their years inside the same orphanage both boys stick together despite their age difference.

One day, after graduating high school, Kang Sung-Mo leaves abruptly and no one seems to know where he has gone.

He Is Psychometric

It will be several years before he returns to once again look after Lee Ahn and take him to stay with him at his apartment.

Kang Sung-Mo is now a prosecutor and starts to make quite the name for himself by going after cases others seem to avoid.

Although Sung-Mo’s more reserved character sometimes clashes with Lee Ahn’s spontaneous nature, Lee Ahn is glad to have his brother back in his live.

Encouraged by Sung-Mo to develop his psychometric ability, Lee Ahn does so but not always in a way approved by the former.

Much to Sung-Mo’s chagrin, Lee Ahn usually finds a ready accomplice in Eun Ji-Soo.

Eun Ji-Soo

Eun Ji-Soo is a young detective and often works on cases together with Sung-Mo. Enamoured with him since their university days, she constantly seeks him out.

Although he never encourages her romantic feelings, Ji-Soo knows he values her as one of his few and closest friend. And for now, that is enough.

To Ji-Soo, Lee Ahn is like a younger brother and as such she is always willing to help him. Lee Ahn returns the sentiment and relies on her as someone he can trust.

As a set these two cause Sung-Mo many a moment where he wants to pull his hair out upon discovering their latest schemes behind his back.

Yoon Jae-In

During her last year in high school, Yoon Jae-In meets Lee Ahn and Sung-Mo.

He Is Psychometric
He Is Psychometric

Initially misunderstanding Lee Ahn, she soon learns that despite his troublemaker appearance, he is harmless.

Jae-In seems to hide secrets of her own and refuses to give them up even as her and the two guys get closer.

Lee Ahn feels especially drawn to her and soon finds himself falling for the mysterious girl.

But before long, she disappears without a trace from the house she was living in.

Despite this, Lee Ahn is unable to forget her and constantly keeps looking for her wherever he goes.

However, it will be several years before he sees her again.

Jae-In is now a police woman in a small district and Lee Ahn is determined to pick up their friendship where they left off years back.

He Is Psychometric

He is Psychometric

These four young people go about their daily lives while each trying to come to terms with how the traumatic past incident affected their life.

Whether they are looking to find the truth about the past or trying to overcome the effect, there always seems to be new information forthcoming.

He Is Psychometric
Lee Ahn: “I was curious as to why I, of all people, got the ability to read people’s past.
He Is Psychometric
Lee Ahn: “…But now I know why I see the past…”
He Is Psychometric
Lee Ahn: “…You can send all of your bad memories to me.”

Like a massive puzzle piece that is waiting to be assembled by them.

But why does it seems like someone is purposefully withholding certain pieces as if to manipulate the image being created?

As the missing pieces come together, it will reveal their common past and bring with it the return of a enemy rather forgotten.

Until we drama again,

~ Cee

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