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‘Highlight’ (Korean: 하이라이트) was formerly known as ‘Beast’ and consisted of Yoon Doo-Joon, Yong Jun-Hyung, Yang Yo-Seob, Lee Gi-Kwang, Jang Hyun-Seung and Son Dong-Woon. In 2016 Jang Hyun-Seung decided to pursue a solo career.

The remaining 5 members started their own Entertainment Company and named it ‘Around Us Entertainment’. In early 2017 they decided to change their name from ‘Beast’ to ‘Highlight’. Doing so they avoided engaging in further battles with their previous label who owned the rights to the name ‘Beast’.

In early 2019 it was announced that member Yong Jun-Hyung would be leaving ‘Highlight’.

Fangirl mode activated

This is an attempt to express in words the thoughts and feelings of a gushing fangirl.

I have been a fan of Highlight’s music since they first debuted back in 2009. Seeing them achieve success makes me – for whatever reason – feel so proud :). It encourages me to keep going towards my own goals regardless of what people around me may think or say.

‘Highlight’ was nicknamed the ‘recycled group’ when they first started out. This was mostly due to all of its members previously training with a different label and being unable to debut.

In the beginning many people where sure these guys were just not talented enough to make it. This caused them to be met with skepticism pretty much wherever they went.

Slowly, however, this started changing. With each new song and album the group proved that they were more than talented enough to make the cut. They deserved to be on stage.

The group took on ballads that shoved off their amazing voices and harmonizing skills; and also upbeat songs showcasing their dancing. People both within the entertainment industry and outside of it took notice and changed their mind and attitude towards them.

Today Highlight is more popular than ever and no one would dare question their talents. While establishing themselves as a group, the individual members have also branched out into acting, composing and hosting music shows.

Looking at their latest MV creations they seem to currently embrace a more quirky style and I LOVE it. Can’t wait to see what is next in store for Doo-Joon, Yo-Seob, Gi-Kwang and Dong-Woon in this new independent part of their journey and wish them all the best. May they continue to inspire and delight fans all over with their music.


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