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How to watch Korean dramas like a pro-Step 2

How To watch Korean dramas like a pro

This is part two of “How to watch Korean dramas like a pro”, a three part series where we share some of our tips and tricks.

Step 2: Prepare a snack

Never EVER start watching a Korean drama without preparing a snack. This indeed would be a grave mistake. **dun dun duun**

No matter what kind of drama you’re watching, there will be food involved. And we’re not talking about food sightings in the background of scenes either.

These food scenes will be close up shots from several different angles. Drama characters will be eating different Korean dishes in such an enticing way, you will be convinced that these must be the most delicious foods ever created.

Even plain cup Ramyeon looks so tasty…which it totally is!

Before you know it, the food craving function in your brain has been activated like a raging beast only to be tamed with a snack. So be prepared and avoid having to pause **gasp!!** mid episode.

…speaking of Ramyeon, I gotta go eat mine before the noodles get too soggy…

Jal mok-gess-seub-ni-da,


How To watch Korean dramas like a pro

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