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“I can hear your voice” (South Korean Drama) Review

‘I hear your voice’ stars

  • Lee Jong-Suk as Park Soo-Ha
  • Lee Bo-Young as Lawyer Jang Hye-Sung
  • Jung Woong-In as Min Joon-Gook
  • Yoon Sang-Hyun as Lawyer Cha Gwan-Woo
  • Lee Da-Hee as Prosecutor Seo Do-Yeon

Many well known actors round out the cast and several new faces are bound to leave an impression on you as well.

The Set-up

Park Soo-Ha and his reporter father are involved in and survive a serious accident. The accident is caused by Min Joon-Gook, as a act of retribution against Soo-Ha’s father.

Upon realizing that both are still alive, Min Joon-Gook gets out of his truck to finish the job.

The 9 year old Soo-Ha witnesses his father being brutally beaten while stuck in the passenger seat. Intent on also killing Soo-Ha, Min Joon-Gook starts moving towards him.

Meanwhile, two 15-year-old girls walking nearby catch sight of the accident. Upon coming closer, they witness Joon-Gooks actions. One of them decides to take a picture as proof with her mobile.

Distracted by the sound, Min Joon-Gook turns around and realizes what happened. He turns away from Soo-Ha and starts chasing after the girls.

I hear your voice

The girls manage to hide and later get away.

Around the same time, emergency crews show up to the site of the accident, thus keeping Park Soo-Ha safe from further harm.

Soo-Ha is taken to the hospital and treated for his wounds. Because of the traumatic experience, he is temporarily unable to speak and instead writes down what happened.

He also develops the ability to read peoples thoughts by looking directly at them.

The aftermath

During the trial, Min Joon-Gook claims it was just an accident and denies the accusation that he killed Soo-Ha’s father.

In a desperate attempt to prove Joon-Gook is lying, Soo-Ha reveals his ability to read peoples thoughts. However, the court does not believe him and Min Joon-Gook mocks him for it.

I hear your voice

As Min Joon-Gook is about to be declared innocent, Jang Hye-Sung bursts into the courtroom stating  she has evidence of his guilt.

Jang Hye-Sung, as you may have guessed, is one of the girls witnessing the incident.

Hye-Sung presents her cellphone as evidence and is attacked in a fit of rage by Joon-Gook. As a result of this evidence and his behaviour inside the courtroom, Min Joon-Gook is sentenced to 15 years in jail.

Park Soo-Ha is overwhelmed with gratitude towards Jang Hye-Sung and also regains his ability to speak. He vows to repay her by becoming her protector in the future.

Jang Hye-Sung barely acknowledges him as her emotions are all over the place. Her classmate Seo Do-Yeon, who witnessed the incident with her, was supposed to also enter the courtroom to present the evidence together.

But Seo Do-Yeon changed her mind at the last minute. Hye-Sung is also shaken by Joon-Gooks threat to come after her.

Through the years…

Soo-Ha is taken in by his uncle, who is not happy about having to care for another child. He eventually immigrates with his family and leaves Soo-Ha behind to live in an apartment by himself.

Fast forward 10 years and we find Soo-Ha in his last year of high school. He continuously searches for Hye-Sung and diligently practices martial arts in order to defend her once he finds her.

Park Soo Ha

Hye-Sung must overcome difficulties of her own as well.

Despite some setbacks, she goes on to become a lawyer and manages to land a job as a public defender. This results in her being featured in a news article, picture and all.

But she kind of does her job for the money, without much passion for it. Gone is the younger Hye-Sung, who was a brave fighter for justice at any cost.

Due to her current outlook on life, Hye-Sung remembers that fateful day in court 10 years ago with regret, wishing she had kept quiet. She has all but forgotten Soo-Ha.

I hear your voice


After all that time of searching, Soo-Ha reads about Hye-Sung in a newspaper article and is overjoyed.

But things are different from what he imagined them to be. Hye-Sung is different from the righteous person he created in his mind, and she does not recognize him.

An incident happens at Soo-Ha’s school and one of his classmates is treated as a suspect. Hye-Sung is assigned as the classmates public defender.

Soo-Ha is not about to let her get away with handling the case in her usual nonchalant way. Although she still does not remember him, he has not changed his mind about staying by her side as her protector.

I hear your voice

A haunting past

Neither Hye-Sung nor Soo-Ha are aware that a monster from the past is about to re-enter their lives.

Min Joon-Gook manages to fool everyone into thinking he changed his ways and he is released early on good behaviour.

Min Joon Gook

This however, could not be further from the truth. While still in prison, he has already found out Hye-Sung’s whereabouts. Upon his release, he proceeds to stalk her.

Things take a drastic turn when Soo-Ha finds out about Joon-Gook being free again.

Park Soo Ha

When the police simply brush off his concerns regarding Joon-Gook’s real character, Soo-Ha decides to take matters into his own hands.

Hye-Sung becomes aware of the situation and finally remembers who Soo-Ha is. Because the police is of no assistance, they quickly decide to rely on each other to stay safe.

This marks the beginning of a long and difficult path and the ensuing struggles will push each of them to their limits.

I hear your voice I hear your voice I hear your voice I hear your voice

Both Soo-Ha & Hye-Sung will do their share of maturing throughout the story, to emerge as better human beings.

The finished work

The acting of the entire cast of ‘I hear your voice’ is superb and Lee Jong-Suk and Lee Bo-Young have fantastic chemistry.

I hear your voice

Park Soo Ha


Couple kissing

 The supporting cast is equally amazing and the villain is one of the best I’ve ever seen (you’ll love to hate Min Joon-Gook).

‘I hear your voice’ does a good job of looking at the same situation or events from perspectives of different characters. It depicts how split second decisions can have life altering consequences and define what kind of person we become.

Furthermore we are reminded to never blame the surrounding circumstances for our poor decisions.


I hope you give ‘I hear your voice’ a try and let us know in the comments how you liked it.

The OST for this drama is also one of my favourites. Make sure you go check it out.

Until next time,


I hear your voice

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