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Korean Drama Introduction

New to the wonderful world of Korean dramas? No problem. We are here to help with our Korean Drama Introduction.

‘What is the first drama I should watch?’

‘Which dramas do you recommend to start off with?’

We get asked different variations of this question all the time by people who have only recently become interested in Korean dramas.

Our general answer would be that it is completely up to you and what you like to watch.

We recommend you go to one of the websites that upload both old and current dramas (our personal favourite is Viki.com), and simply explore their list of dramas available.

When we first started out, we found ourselves looking up previous dramas by actors/actresses that we enjoyed watching. Everyone kind of finds their niche depending on what genre or celebrity they like.

To see our ever growing list of favourite K-dramas, check out the link below:

Our favourite Korean Dramas

We have also compiled a list of all the dramas we watched since becoming K-drama addicts more than a decade ago:

ALL Korean dramas we watched

Both lists contain links to dramas we have “reviewed”, should you want to know more about them.

Welcome to Dramaworld,

R. and Cee

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