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“Law School” (Korean Legal Drama) First Look

Now that I finally managed to get my fangirl mode [somewhat] under control, let us talk about the current Netflix original Korean Legal Drama “Law School”. Based solely on its cast list, I already had high expectations upon embarking on the first episode. As a Kim Beom fan, I appreciate his continuous challenge to interpret diverse characters.

Things to keep in mind: My views in this post are based on episode 1. With 15 episodes to go, there is no telling how drama writers may yet mess with us. Lol.

Law School

“Law School” Synopsis

During a mock trial within the law department of a prestigious university, a student makes a gruesome discovery. In a back room, she finds the deceased body of a former alumnus turned famous prosecutor.

When the death is ruled a homicide, police immediately turn their attention to the students and professors in attendance. The victim’s questionable ethics combined with the secure access to the room he died in, only further complicates their investigation.

Tensions run high among all involved as people find themselves on different sides regarding their opinions on the incident. Not to mention that everyone seems to appear a suspect at one time or another.

Furthermore, their is also the matter of a recently released killer who seems determined on taking revenge. His target are the people who put him in jail in the first place. His weapon of choice is the very thing used to previously convict him: the law.

Law School

My take

Starting from the captivating intro of “Law School”, I was hooked. The music, images and letters created a perfect combo setting the stage of this being a drama centering around the legal system with [inevitable] detours into investigative matters.

Having actor Kim Myung-Min narrate the story is such a perfect touch! His deep unique voice is so fitting to the theme of the drama.

The character introduction is definitely on the slower side. There is definitely many surprises ahead regarding all there is to each character and their connections to each other.

It being a legal Korean drama, it comes as no surprise that bribery and conspiracy are strong themes throughout. However, it feels fresh to me, to have these issues looked at through the eyes of law students. Who are essentially the future of the law system. It also appeals to have the comparison of opinions by experienced people in the field alongside the students.

To my delight, conversations with double/hidden meanings have already made appearances and I expect will continue to happen. [Yes!! Love these!!]

To sum it all up, this is not a fluff drama, but rather promises to keep us on our toes. Like an episode of “Hunt a killer”, it invites us to observe all provided clues and take on the role of detectives ourselves.

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