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“Let’s fight ghost”(Korean Drama) Review

To celebrate the month of October, R. and myself decided to shine light on some Korean dramas revolving around ghosts and vampires.

At least that’s how she classifies them. For me personally they all simply fall into the scary category.

Scary dramas are not my thing. After all the RomCom dramas I reviewed so far, it should come as no surprise that my favourites are Romantic Comedies, and investigative dramas.

However, very occasionally and only when recommended by the right sources, and/or starring one of my favourites, I will venture into ghost or vampire dramas.

“Let’s fight ghost” checked both of the requirements: It was recommended to me by R. and it stars Kim So-Hyun.

Kim Hyun Ji

Kim So-Hyun is someone whose acting we have admired since she was a child actress and seeing her successful crossover into teen/adult roles is such a joy.

But let us get back to the drama.

“Let’s fight ghost”, also known as “Hey ghost, let’s fight” or “Bring it on Ghost”, consists of 16 episodes and is an adaptation of a webtoon by the same name.

The Cast

  • Kim So-Hyun as Kim Hyun-Ji
  • Ok Taecyeon (2PM) as Park Bong-Pal
  • Kwon Yul as Yoo Hye-Sung

The Story

Park Bong-Pal is in his early twenties and a university student.

As a young boy he gained the ability to see ghosts but he does not know why or how it happened.

Having lost his mother in a car accident when he was little and later abandoned by his father, Bong-Pal must survive on his own.

Taking advantage of his ability, he hires out to cleanse places of ghosts. With the money paid to him he pays for his living and school expenses.

Let's Fight Ghost
Let's Fight Ghost
Let's Fight Ghost

One day Bong-Pal comes across Kim Hyun-Ji. Hyun-Ji is a spirit who has been wandering around for 5 years after being the victim of a accident.

She still wears the school uniform she wore on the day of the incident. Hyun-Ji was only 19 years old when it happened and does not remember details of what happened or why she became a wandering spirit.

To Bong-Pal’s initial frustration, Hyun-Ji refuses to leave him alone despite his attempts at getting rid of her.

Even though her appearance is that of a sweet school girl, Bong-Pal soon discovers her to be fierce and tenacious.

Let's Fight Ghost

Hyun-Ji’s reason for being persistent is that she believes Bong-Pal to somehow have the answers to what happened to her.

And…cue the bad guy.

Yoo Hye-Sung is a young professor at Bong-Pal’s university. Despite his clean appearance and reputation, there is something off-putting about this guy from the beginning.

Turns out, he is a vital piece in the puzzle that is Bong-Pal and Hyun-Ji’s past.

As Bong-Pal and Hyun-Ji start taking on various ghosts as a team, Hye-Sung’s involvement seems less and less coincidental.

Author’s note

Even if you, like myself, have accepted that you’ll be an eternal scaredy cat, I still recommend this drama.

Contrary to it’s overall theme, it has a endearing story-line with enough endearing moments between our main characters to carry you through.

Let's Fight Ghost
Let's Fight Ghost

Just don’t watch it at night and definitively do not watch it at night AND by yourself. I’m speaking from experience.

Ghosts and creepy spirits keep popping out at the most random times and some of them are quite scary.

Happy watching,


P.S.: Who ate all the popcorn?

Let's Fight Ghost

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