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“My Lucky Star” (Chinese Movie) Review

“My Lucky Star” is a 2013 Chinese movie, starring:

  • Zhang Ziyi as Sophie
  • Wang Leehom as David

Genre: Adventure/Romantic Comedy

Runtime: 1 hour 54 minutes

My Lucky Star

Sophie works at a travel agency and is somewhat of a daydreamer. In her spare time she likes to draw spy comics.

In these stories, she depicts herself as the always brave and confident heroine. The opposite of her real life persona who is afraid to really go after what she wants.

And, of course, what would a make-believe world be without a hero…right?!

Sophie’s hero is a tall and handsome spy and always quick to come to the heroine’s rescue. Together they fight their enemies and achieve their Happy End.

One day, Sophie wins a 5 day stay in Singapore through an online contest named “My Lucky Star”. At first wanting to sell the ticket, she is eventually convinced by her two best friends to go on the trip herself.

Adventurous Romance

Upon landing in Singapore, she meets a handsome stranger named David, who helps her out with a luggage issue. Sophie is stunned to discover that this man looks oddly similar to the hero in her stories.

Just like the heroine in her comics, she falls head over heels for her hero. And based on some of his actions, she is convinced to have made an impression on him as well.

A phone conversation with her friends back home persuades her to make an effort to see the handsome stranger again. Her friends continuously remind her, that she is the heroine of her own life. Thus it is ultimately up to her to shape her life according to her dreams and wishes.

So Sophie decides to follow David to an exclusive party at the rooftop of their hotel.

Unbeknownst to our hapless cartoonist, David is a spy and on location on a mission. All his interactions with her were purely by chance. He was actually using her as a sort of cover while keeping tabs on his targets.

David has been charged with collecting a precious diamond that was stolen. It is about to fall in the hands of bad people intent on using it to cause mass destruction.

Sophie’s attempt to go after her hero brings chaos to an already volatile situation. Before she knows it, she is right in the middle of a secret mission and perhaps a bit in over her head.

Spending time with David causes her to become completely smitten for the charming spy. However, she does start to wonder where his spy personality ends and his real person starts.

Is it even remotely possible for him to ever genuinely return her feelings?

Author’s Note

“My Lucky Star” is lighthearted, funny and entertaining, yet also carries a meaningful message about self discovery.

I loved the positive friendship depicted between the female lead and her two girlfriends. Although they were of completely different character, their support for each other was so strong and genuine.

Watching Sophie’s journey from a wallflower to a strong independent woman was inspiring. And it was not about changing her outer appearance but about the inner growth she went through.

Although I rolled my eyes on several occasions at silly scenes/behaviours, they were entertaining and therefor did not bother me.

This is a sweet story about a woman’s journey towards her own happy ending wrapped in action scenes, humour, and of course, romance.



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