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“Oh my ghost” (Korean Drama) Review

Here we are with ‘Oh my ghost’ – more commonly referred to as ‘Oh my ghostess’ – another ghost drama review dedicated to the month of October.

As a self proclaimed scaredy cat I tend to stay away from ghost dramas. What can I do? Ghosts popping out of nowhere just aren’t my idea of entertainment.

However, on occasion I find myself in situations where a favourite actor/actress participates in one of these dramas and I cannot help but wanting to watch it.

Thus was the case with ‘Oh my ghost’. Listing both Jo Jung-Suk and Kim Seul-Gi in it’s line-up, I had to give it a try.

Main cast

  • Park Bo-Young as Na Bong-Sun
  • Jo Jung-Suk as Kang Sun-Woo
  • Kim Seul-Gi as Shin Soon-Ae
  • Lim Ju-Hwan as Choi Sung-Jae

Kang Sun-Woo (Jo Jung-Suk) is chef and owner of Sun Restaurant and somewhat of a star. The kitchen is his kingdom and he reigns it with an iron fist.

Jo Jung Suk
Oh My Ghost

With his arrogant, almost icy personality, Sun-Woo manages to keep most people at arms length. The main reason for his severe personality is a heartbreak in the past. A past he has managed to hide quite successfully.


Na Bong-Sun (Park Bo-Young) works as a assistant chef at Sun Restaurant and has had a crush on Sun-Woo, her boss, for a long time.

Oh My Ghost

With a timid personality and plagued by a serious case of low self-esteem, she constantly messes up in her job. This in turn gets her in trouble with Sun-Woo and keeps her in constant fear that she might get fired.

Oh My Ghost

The troublemaker ghost

Shin Soon-Ae (Kim Seul-Gi) roams the earth as a ghost after dying in questionable circumstances. She constantly laments her existence as a ghost.

Oh My Ghost

The young woman feels cheated by life and holds a grudge towards her destiny of having died young and before dating as she wished to.

Oh My Ghost
Kim SeulGI

Determined to experience the feeling of love and being in a relationship, Soon-Ae likes to possess young woman in order to seduce men.

After taking a liking to chef Sun-Woo, Soon-Ae proceeds to possess the body of the defenceless Bong-Sun in order to win his affections.

Despite Bong-Sun’s opposition, she is too weak and keeps losing to the determined ghost.

Sun-Woo, initially confused by the sudden change of character in his usually timid employee, starts getting interested in her.


As Bong-Sun and Soon-Ae keep fighting over who has the upper hand over Bong-Sun’s body, things get complicated and blurry.

Oh My Ghost

Everyone around Bong-Sun notices the change in her behaviour and don’t know what to make of it.

Bong-Sun herself also feels increasingly burdened by what is happening. Noticing Sun-Woo’s increasing interest in her as a person both elate and frighten her at the same time.

What if his feelings are not for her but for Soon-Ae? Is she to step aside once again – like she has done too many times in her past – and loose out to someone more assured?

Oh my!

Oh My Ghost

In the midst of these conflicting emotions, something else – or rather someone else – keeps appearing around Bong-Sun and Soon-Ae.

This someone is none other than Choi Sung-Jae (Lim Ju-Hwan), a police officer and brother-in-law to Sun-Woo.

Although not sure why, his presence puts Soon-Ae on edge and although scared, she intends to find out the reason for this.

This authors last advice

Make sure to bring tissues to the viewing of ‘Oh my ghost’. For as much as it has it’s creepy/scary moments, it is filled with heartfelt scenes. Some of which will make you feel like your heart’s being ripped apart.

Also prepare to experience the famous second-lead syndrome on a whole new level. This drama is one of the few where I was actually on the fence, and okay with either of the female leads getting the guy.

However, no need to worry about this turning into a cry fest. In addition to plenty of comical relief characters, the main leads and their quirky antics are cause for several chuckles.

Until we drama again,


Oh My Ghost

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