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“Oh! My Lady” (Korean Drama) Review

Hello pair of eyes! I know it’s been a while, but we are finally back with another Korean drama review. As the title of the post already revealed, today’s post will feature the 2010 romantic comedy “Oh! My Lady”.

This review will serve two purposes: Honouring the Father’s-Day-month of July, and kick-starting our 2020 edition for K-Drama-Throwback.

I’m sure no explanation is necessary for the former.

As for the later, it is a series where we pick 10 dramas from 10 years ago to review. We then proceed to reminisce about them to our hearts content.

**Alert! Fan-girling up ahead.**

Of course, we also hope it will get you interested in giving “Oh! My Lady” a try.

The story carries such a strong message about being a responsible parent and just an overall decent person.

Father-Daughter time

Okay, off we go!

The Cast

  • Chae Rim as Yoon Gae-Hwa
  • Choi Si-Won as Seong Min-Woo
  • Park Han-Byul as Hong Yu-Ra
  • Lee Hyun-Woo as Yu Si-Joon
  • Moon Jeong-Hee as Han Jung-Ah
  • Bang Joon-Seo as Kim Min-Ji
  • Kim Yoo-Bin as Ye-Eun
  • Kim Kwang-Kyu as Han Min-Kwak

Original release date: March 22, 2010 to May 11, 2010

Episodes: 16

Oh! My Lady ‘Ahjumma’

Yoon Gae-Hwa (Chae Rim) is a soft-spoken but resilient 35-year old woman starting a new chapter in her life.

Years ago, after getting married, Gae-Hwa left her job to take care of her husband and their household. Not long after, their daughter Min-Ji came along.

Gae-Hwa is devoted to providing the best home for both husband and child. In her opinion, things were going great. It wasn’t perfect but she was happy with her little family.

Unfortunately, her husband was not of the same mind and also seemed to have a bit of a wandering eye. To Gae-Hwa’s immense shock, he informs her that he wants a divorce as he plans on marrying his new girlfriend.

Oh My Lady Gae-Hwa

Despite the disappointment and hurt, Gae-Hwa does not loose sight of her priorities: Providing for her daughter Min-Ji.

Min-Ji, about 9-years old, shares a close bond with her mother. Although too well behaved to give her Father any attitude, it is obvious that her loyalties lie with her Mom.

Mother and Daughter move into a small apartment, and Gae-Hwa takes on multiple casual jobs to make ends meet.


Sadly, Gae-Hwa gets scammed and subsequently looses the apartment as she is unable to pay for it. With a heavy heart, she makes the difficult decision to have Min-Ji go live with her ex-husband for a while.

Gae-Hwa promises her daughter, that this situation is only temporarily. She will come back for her as soon as she earns some money.

Min-Ji, having a comprehension far beyond her young age, keeps a positive attitude and cheers her Mom on.

Oh! My Lady Min-Ji
**Slow claps for this amazing kiddo**

With renewed determination and her daughter cheering her on, Gae-Hwa continues to apply for a permanent job.

To her excitement, she gets hired as a cleaning lady/housekeeper at a unit within a top-notch apartment complex. The offered pay is decent and her years as a housewife practically make her a pro for this job.

The Employment Agency reveals little about the owner of the unit she will be looking after. All she is told, is that he is a young top-star who values his privacy above all else.

Gae-Hwa readily signs a Non-Disclosure-Agreement in regards to everything she hears and sees at her new employer’s place.

Plus, her housekeeper schedule allows for plenty of time to obtain a office job, which is her ultimate goal.

She aspires to a position that will earn her a business card displaying her title and name. Rather than being addressed as ‘Ahjumma’, she dreams of being called by her name and a professional title.


Soon after, Gae-Hwa discovers that her new employer is none other than famous celebrity Seong Min-Woo (Choi Si-Won).

Oh! My Lady - Celebrity

However, it is obvious that she couldn’t care less about his identity, fame, or good looks.

Gae-Hwa is more enthused about finally receiving a callback for a office job. It is for the position of manager at a small Musical Production Company.

Over the course of her interview, she discovers that the company is hoping to have Min-Woo join their next musical. Due to his fame, his involvement would ensure the success of this venture.

Realizing that her chances at getting the job otherwise are minimal, Gae-Hwa strikes a deal with Yu Si-Joon, the company’s president.

She will convince Min-Woo to join the musical, if in turn she is promised a position at the company. Although the president doubts Gae-Hwa’s capabilities, he agrees.

Unbeknownst to her, her potential new boss and the top-star know each other. They had a interaction in the past that was not conducive to a friendship between the two.

But neither Si-Joon nor the unsuspecting Min-Woo could have guessed, what a force to be reckoned with this unassuming ‘Ahjumma’ will turn into.

The topstar

Seong Min-Woo (Choi Si-Won) is a extremely handsome and popular star. Having made a name for himself as a model and actor, his fame is mostly based on good looks and charm.

Choi SiWon as Topstar Min-Woo

Film Directors know they will not get any special acting skills from Min-Woo. But that is not a problem since his fame guaranties success for every project he participates in.

The young star denies his insecurity regarding his skills and hides any sign of it behind a self assured and often arrogant facade.

Only one person ever dared to call him out as being a bad actor and that was Yu Si-Joon (Lee Hyun-Woo). And although this happened years ago, Min-Woo has never forgiven Si-Joon or forgotten the incident.

Upon receiving an offer from Yu Si-Joon to star in his next musical, Min-Woo takes great pleasure in rejecting it. Knowing full well the impact his participation would mean for the project.


Believing the matter settled, he is annoyed to find his housekeeper approach him with an offer for the same project.

Annoying housekeeper - Oh! My Lady

However, despite his ill-tempered behaviour towards Gae-Hwa, he cannot help but be impressed by her written offer. It clearly reflects the genuine research she did on him as a person and his potential to become a true actor.

As it turns out though, in a completely unprecedented turn of events, something happens that make the decision for him.

He suddenly finds himself confronted with having to care for his 6-year old daughter, who’s existence he knew nothing about.

MinWoo accepting his daughter

The girl’s mother kept it a secret but has now decided to move on with her life and leave her daughter with her father, Min-Woo.

But how is a self-absorbed top-star to look after a little child when he can barely take care of himself?

Determined to hide his daughter’s existence from the public at large, Min-Woo resorts to placing her in Gae-Hwa’s care.

Gae-Hwa doesn’t mind taking care of little Ye-Eun. As a matter of fact, she adores her from the first moment the confused child is trust into her arms.


Regardless, not impressed by Min-Woo’s dismissive attitude towards his child she is not about to let him off that easy.

He will need to sign the contract for the musical in exchange for her silence. Secretly she also determines to gradually improve Min-Woo’s relationship with his daughter.

Oh! My Lady

In the months that follow, Min-Woo has to put aside his top-star attitude and undergo training in both singing and dancing for the upcoming musical.

Oh! My Lady; GaeHwa comforting MinWoo

Additionally, he has to be on constant lookout for reporters hoping to reveal anything about the star known for his privacy. The most ferocious paparazzi of them all is Han Min-Kwak (Kim Kwang-Kyu). On multiple occasions he is chased out by security from the underground parking lot at Min-Woo’s apartment.

In midst of his struggles, Min-Woo takes notice of another constant and this one is of a positive nature: Gae-Hwa. Despite setbacks she keeps supporting him, taking care of both his daughter and her own, while also working at Si-Joon’s company.

Having previously dismissed her as just another ‘Ahjumma’, he comes to realize that she is in fact a true lady. A status proven time and again by her calmness and strength and her overall genuine efforts towards helping others.

As a result of his new environment and its challenges, Min-Woo not only establishes himself as a skilled professional. This new endeavour provides him with the motivation to improve who he is as a person, and subsequently, a father.

Father daughter time

Author’s Note

Yay, we all made it here. Congratulations to us!!

To sum up this review, it needs to be noted that the plot-line of “Oh! My Lady” would hardly win any awards for its originality.

What makes this story stand out to me, is the sweet – dare I say hopeful – messages it passes on.

MinWoo and YeEun eating breakfast

We have a woman who gave up a career only to be betrayed, but refused to give up. Instead she got right back to creating a new life for herself and her daughter. Throughout her journey she remains classy and respectful, always mindful of the example she is setting for her daughter.

Family meal

Than there is the precocious Min-Ji, who lovingly defends her mother every chance she gets, recognizing her efforts to look after her.

MinWoo playing with YeEun and MinJi

Min-Woo is a stellar example of someone stepping up to the plate and taking responsibility for their past. His determination to improve his former self sets things in motion like a domino effect. And not all of them are good or easy for him to overcome.

On the side

Within the little side-story of Yu Si-Joon and his wife, we see a couple that over time has drifted apart due to lack of communication. Can a marriage marred by distrust and infidelity be restored?

To keep things from turning too heavy, “Oh! My Lady” gives us trusty reporter Han Min-Kwak, played by the ever comical genius Kim Kwang-Kyu. As is expected from this veteran actor, his portrayal of a bumbling reporter out for his next big scoop makes for many a chuckle.

And that’s all I have to say about “Oh! My Lady”.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this drama.

Oh! My Lady Kiss

Until we drama again,


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