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Visit to South Korea
5. Trip to South Korea

Organizing a trip to South Korea

Our trip to South Korea – Part 2: Boys Reality over flowers

After dreaming about it for so long, things were getting real and we started organizing our trip to South Korea. With my sister R. on board, we set a tentative date two years into the future to make our trip. We started – slowly – devising a plan and breaking it down into steps that would need to be taken.

Visit to South Korea

Saving up for our trip – including flights, accommodations, and spending money – was first priority as it would take the longest. Figuring out some of the costs, like travel & accommodation, was easier than others.

Making a list of places that we considered a must-see, we spent a lot of time researching what it would take to travel to these locations

We decided to book accommodations in a hotel in Seoul, since our friends lived there. It would also be easiest to make our daily excursions with Seoul as our base.

Figuring out the cost of food and the amount of general spending money was a little more tricky. Thanks to online posts of people sharing about their experience either living in or visiting South Korea, we were able to also work this into our budget.

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Organizing a Trip to South Korea
Visit to South Korea

About halfway through our planning journey, our other sister asked to join us. We were now three people trying to decide/agree on an exact travel date and making sure we could take time off work on the agreed upon date.

Combine this with the fact that we lived in two different countries and picking a time that worked for all involved was interesting, to say the least.

The initial plan was to go during Cherry Blossom season, which would have been around mid March to early April. Due to conflicts with our schedule however, we were unable to follow through with this plan.

Instead the time frame that ended up working for everyone was from mid July to early August. Now here is the problem with this time frame: Online guides strongly advise tourists against going during these months, as the weather tends to be extra hot and humid. And they could not have been more accurate.

Visit to South Korea

However, since we did not want to postpone our trip any longer, we decided that it was a risk we were willing to take. You win some, you lose some, right?!

So finally…after spending circa 2 years researching and getting our paperwork in order, we were done planning our trip to South Korea. It was time to pack our bags and start our trip.

Let the fun begin,

Cee and R.

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