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OST’s and the magic of music (Korean Drama Soundtrack)

Every K-drama fan can attest to the importance of OST’s and their magical effect on us. Like in any other field of the film industry, music plays a big roll in the overall wonderful experience that is a K-drama. By the way, “OST” stands for ‘Original Soundtrack’ and refers to the soundtrack of Korean dramas.  

Music is endless magic and undoubtedly the international language of love. Time and again, music has proven to be powerful, and capable of evoking a wide range of emotions.

Consequently, the sound of music can make us feel peaceful, happy or excited. It makes our hearts beat faster in anticipation or suspense, and can also have a calming effect.

OST - Master's Sun

Have you ever muted a show or movie at a particular part? I do this all the time with scary scenes. It’s amazing how all of a sudden the scene only has about half the suspense/scary effect on me. Likewise, the effect of background music also applies to any moving scene that pulls on our heartstrings.

Not surprisingly, this is no accident. Because music for every film project is carefully chosen to enhance scenes emotionally.

I feel like Korean drama soundtracks take this to a whole other level yet. Having songs written and recorded specifically for each drama makes every OST unique. The lyrics often depict the situations our characters are facing, as well as the emotional turmoil they are going through.

Magic of Music - Healer

Usually by episode 1 or 2 of any drama, we have therefore associated its music with certain scenes or characters without even realizing it. These images will stay in our memory, subsequently to be replayed repeatedly by simply listening to the OST or snippets of a song from it.

Above all, music pulls us in and makes us feel like we are part of the story. For example, we may even imagine ourselves going to a ‘Noraebang’ (Korean Karaoke room) and belt out our favourite songs. Just like many of our most beloved K-drama characters. Knowing that we would sound just as out of tune as many of them do, will not deter us in the least bit. 

Furthermore, how and by who the song is interpreted, can also make all the difference in giving the song the right feel. Baek Ji Young, Gummy, Ali, Monday Kidz, 4Men, 2AM, Davichi, K.Will, Junsu, 2BiC, Heize, Yoon Mi Rae, Hyorin, are just a few of my favourite singers/groups when it comes to OST interpretations.

In conclusion, this is the beauty and magic of music. To make us dream and feel. To take us places, even if it’s just in our imagination. And last but not least, to give us strength, encouragement and comfort in everyday situations.

Cue the music,


Magical OST - Descendents of the sun

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