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“Queen Of The Ring” (Korean Drama) Review

Did you ever wish to look like someone else? Did you maybe even feel jealous of the life they lead? Maybe you too felt that life did not deal you a fair hand in the looks department? If this is the case, the main heroine in ‘Queen Of The Ring’ is your kindred spirit.

Episodes: 3


  • Kim Seul-Gi as Mo Na-Nee
  • Ahn Hyo-Seop as Se-Gun
  • Yoon So-Hee as Kang Mi-Joo
  • Lee Tae-Sun as Byun Tae-Hyun

Mo Na-Nee (Kim Seul-Gi) felt at a disadvantage in terms of looks since always. With an average face and not very tall, she constantly wishes to be more like her childhood friend Kang Mi-Joo (Yoon So-Hee). Mi-Joo is tall with a beautiful appearance and seems to have a sea of admirers where ever she goes. It doesn’t help matters that even Na-Nee’s classmates sometimes use her as a convenient tag-along on group dates. People ignore the misery they are causing her as she has become an expert at hiding her emotional pain.

Queen Of The Ring

This has caused her to become preoccupied with the nonexistence of her looks to a point where she forgets her good qualities. Like the fact that she is a very intelligent, kind person and a talented artist. Or that she has friends like Byun Tae-Hyun (Lee Tae-Sun) that prefer her just the way she is.

A magic ring

Na-Nee blames her mother ‘s side of the family for her below average looks, since her father is rather handsome. However, her mother has, in Na-Nee’s opinion, an ugly appearance.

Queen Of The Ring

After another angry outburst towards her mother, the same pulls her aside to tell her of a family secret. The secret of a ring passed down from mother to daughter in her family for generations. This ring has magical powers. It can make the person you like see their ideal type when looking at you. 

Queen Of The Ring

Although at first in disbelief, Na-Nee is convinced after going through pictures of past generations in the family album. All the men seem to be on another level in terms of looks compared to their respective wives. This would also explain how her own Mother managed to marry a catch like her Dad. Na-Nee proceeds to talk her Mom into letting her borrow the ring. Her mother agrees but with one condition: She needs it back in time before her husbands return. Since, according to her, she also used the ring to ensnare him, not wearing it in his presence would shatter the illusion.

With the magic ring in her possession, Na-Nee embarks on a mission: Secure the affection of Park Se-Gun (Ahn Hyo-Seop).

A Queen‘s love

Park Se-Gun goes to the same university as Na-Nee. He is handsome, tall and a cheerful person, popular for both his character and his good looks. He also has fame of being a womanizer and only dating the most beautiful women.

Queen Of The Ring
Jerk Se-Gun

Na-Nee and Se-Gun first meet when he poses as a model in her drawing class. She is captivated by him at first sight and Se-Gun obviously likes hanging out with Na-Nee, but does not consider her Girlfriend material. The main reason is that several months earlier he met someone that he since considers his ideal girl. Although Se-Gun does not know this girls name, he gave her his phone number and keeps hoping that she will contact him.

Unaware of the fact that Se-Gun has a very specific person in mind as his ideal type, Na-Nee proceeds with her plan. She manages to have him place the ring on her finger and he suddenly deems her his ideal type and they start dating.

While at first all seems perfect, Na-Nee soon finds herself struggling to cope with her conscience and navigating the web of lies she created. She also gets increasingly curious of what appearance or who’s face exactly Se-Gun sees when he looks at her.

Queen Of The Ring

Author’s note

Although ‘Queen Of The Ring’ is only a short web drama, it does a good job of getting across an important message. People are willing to go to great lengths to achieve what they perceive as the ultimate success and happiness. The grass always seems greener on the other side until we are on that side. It is usually only up close that we find out that everyone, without exception, has their own struggles. Regardless of how perfect someones live seems, we are all human and have our own insecurities to deal with.

Queen Of The Ring

This drama has quickly become a personal favourite of mine. The stories interpretation is a good reminder to first walk a mile in someone’s shoes before deciding what that person is truly like. I hope ‘Queen Of The Ring’ and its characters will continue to receive much love.

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