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“Romance is a Bonus Book” (Korean Drama)

In honour of National Book Lovers Day, we decided to talk about the drama “Romance is a Bonus Book”. With a story set in a publishing company, it seemed like the obvious choice.

It also does not hurt one bit that it stars some of our favourite actors.

Eun-Ho & Dan-Yi couple

The Cast

  • Lee Jong-Suk as Cha Eun-Ho
  • Lee Na-Young Kang Dan-Yi
  • Jung Eugene as Song Hae-Rin
  • Wi Ha-Joon as Ji Seo-Jun
  • Kim Tae-Woo as Kim Jae-Min
  • Kim Yu-Mi as Go Yu-Seon
  • Jo Han-Chul as Bong Ji-Hong
  • Kim Sun-Young as Seo Yeong-Ah

Chapter 1: A fateful meeting

Cha Eun-Ho is just a normal boy in his early teens trying to figure out how to fit in. Not particularly talented at any one thing, he constantly switches from one activity to pursuing another.

That is until the day he meets Kang Dan-Yi. She introduces him to the world of reading Manhwa (Manga) and Eun-Ho is smitten. With Dan-Yi and with reading.

Book Lovers

Despite Dan-Yi being a few years his senior, the two develop a close friendship.

It is through his interactions with Dan-Yi that Eun-Ho also discovers his love and talent for writing.

Chapter 2: The hands of time

Regardless of their bond, there is no denying that when it comes to matters of the heart, these two couldn’t be more different.

Dan-Yi is a hopeless romantic and cannot wait to fall in love, get married and start a family. She is willing to give her all to taking care of the people she loves.

Eun-Ho is not sure he even believes in the existence of love. How can Dan-Yi be so eager to put someone else’s well being above her own?

However, regardless off his opinion on the matter, Eun-Ho never wavers in his support towards Dan-Yi.

Even though he does not particularly like her husband-to-be, he does his best not to show it. Because it is something Dan-Yi has chosen.

All that really matters to Eun-Ho, is that Dan-Yi is happy.

Romance is a Bonus Book

Chapter 3: Looking to the future

Years pass by and both Eun-Ho and Dan-Yi have gone on to create their own futures.

Dan-Yi became the mother of a little girl and decided to give up her career in advertising to raise her daughter. She is perfectly content in her new role as homemaker and adores looking after her child and her husband.

Eun-Ho wrote and published several books that went on to make him both popular and wealthy. He was also approached to become the Chief Editor of a little publishing company called Gyeroo Publishing.

Together with a close-knit group of like-minded individuals, they went on to turn Gyeoroo Publishing into a successful business.

Romance is a Bonus Book

Chapter 4: Romance is a Bonus Book

Throughout all this time, Eun-Ho has remained a constant in Dan-Yi’s life as much as possible. But regardless of their closeness, both are keeping secrets from each other.

Romance is a Bonus Book

Eun-Ho has long since discovered the depths of his feelings towards Dan-Yi. He may not now or ever be ready to give these emotions a name, but the fact remains that she is his most important person.

Dan-Yi in turn has been hiding that her life did not go the way she had expected. Her marriage has fallen apart and she is now intent on finding work again in her previous field of expertise.

Her daughter is enrolled in a international school outside of Korea and Dan-Yi is determined to continue providing for her in the best way possible.


After many failed attempts to find employment, Dan-Yi applies for a entry level position at Gyeoroo Publishing. Well aware that she will be considered overqualified for the job, she omits her university degree from her resume.

Eun-Ho is not pleased with her decision but can do little about it and even ends up helping her out once she is hired.

Although Dan-Yi initially struggles to fit in, she refuses to let anything get her down. It is her determination and Eun-Ho’s support that ultimately allow her to become a respected contributor to the continued success of Gyeoroo Publishing.

Romance is a Bonus Book

Author’s Note

Author's Note

Okay. I’ll come right out and say it: I am biased when it comes to anything Lee Jong-Suk related.

Lee Jong-Suk

However, this has not prevented me from abandoning his dramas in the past [I’m looking at you “Doctor Stranger”.]

Regardless of that, “Romance is a Bonus Book” had me falling for it on a whole new level.

The story being set inside the inner workings of a publishing company was such a delight. Being an avid book lover myself, I appreciated the behind-the-scenes insights we were given throughout the drama. It truly makes one realize the effort and work that goes into making a book.

The drama also has no shortage of captivating characters of different ages and from different backgrounds. A group of people that despite their differences bond over their shared love of books.

And brace yourself for this: No long drawn out dramatic love triangles. ***yay*** We get to take a most welcomed break from the ever present second-male-lead syndrome. 馃檪

But don’t fret. Despite being presented in a beautifully new way, there are still plenty of clich茅 K-drama moments to enjoy.

Lee Jong-Suk

Last but not least, I want to mention the undeniable chemistry between the leads and supporting cast alike. I credit this chemistry with turning even their little mundane interactions into touching moments.

It is these moments that make “Romance is a Bonus Book” a gem to watch.

Romance is a Bonus Book

Until we drama again,


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