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“Seducing Mr.Perfect” (Korean Movie)

Time to introduce another Korean movie that has long since become one of my favourites: “Seducing Mr.Perfect”.

Daniel Henney and Uhm Jung Hwa Kiss in Seducing Mr. Perfect

Original release: December 7, 2006

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Run time: 1 hour 47 minutes


  • Daniel Henney as Robin Heiden (Mr. Perfect)
  • Uhm Jung-Hwa as Min Joon

Min Joon (Uhm Jung-Hwa) works at a international Merger & Acquisitions Firm. Fairly competent at her job, it is her personal life that could use some improvement.

Especially in matters of the heart. Min Joon seems to have no luck when it comes to men. She keeps getting cheated on or dumped, oftentimes even a combination of the two.


One day, while heading to the airport for a getaway with her boyfriend, Min Joon is involved in a car accident. The driver of the other car turns out to be an extremely attractive man, who addresses her in English.

Aware that she is at fault for the incident, Min Joon pretends not to understand what he is saying. Even though she does understand and speak English.

Cought in a lie Seducing Mr. Perfect
“No! I don’t speak English. Not a word!”

Regardless of her protests, the stranger proceeds to obtain her contact info and the two part ways.


Upon her return to work the next business day, she is shocked to once again find herself face to face with the stranger.

Daniel Henney
“It’s a pleasure to see you again.”

Turns out his name is Robin Heiden and he is her new boss, sent down from the head office.

However, that is not the worst of it. Because he has caught her in a double lie: Her ability to speak English, and the fact she faked being sick to obtain a day off from work on the day of the accident.

Uhm Jung Hwa in Seducing Mr. Perfect

Seducing Mr.Perfect

Robin Heiden (Daniel Henney) is of Korean-American descent but was raised in the US.

Daniel Henney as Mr. Perfect in Seducing Mr. Perfect

Although he understands the Korean language, he does not speak it well. Therefor he prefers to mainly communicate in English.

Due to his diligent personality, Robin has been nicknamed “Mr.Perfect” by his peers. Known to always close any deal swiftly and without complications, he has managed to work his way up the corporate ladder.

In order to lead negotiations for a important new Acquisition, headquarters decided to send Robin to South Korea. There he is to select capable members from their office on location for his team.

But things do not go as smoothly as he had hoped. Starting from the day of his arrival and a car accident with a strange woman. She seems out of sorts, to say the least.

Because of this, Robin is surprised when she is presented to him as a potential candidate for his new team.

Despite his initial reservations towards her, he soon discovers that Min Joon is indeed capable at her job. He comes to respect her and consider her a definite asset in bringing negotiations to a close.

There is obviously so much more to her than a first impression could have ever revealed, and Robin is intrigued.

Daniel Henney and Uhm Jung Hwa

Through their time spent together, he learns of her romantic woes. In an effort to help her, he offers to teach her how to be successful in a relationship.

Author's Note

Author’s Note

As mentioned at the beginning, “Seducing Mr.Perfect” is one of my favourite Korean movies and has held this spot for a number of years.

I love everything about it! The story, the cast and the execution.

Beyond that, it is always nice to see when language barriers are not considered as such.

As a multilingual myself, communicating with people in whichever language best suits them, is nothing new. It has become a normal in my life and I know I am by far not the only one. So it is always nice to see this sentiment reflected in movie or drama projects.

And with that, I shall stop babbling so you may go and watch the movie. 😉



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