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1. Korean Dramas

“Short” (2018 Korean TV Series) Review

Short is a web drama depicting the journey of two young men from very different backgrounds towards becoming contenders in the speed skating Olympics.

Episodes: 4


  • Kang Tae-Oh as Kang Ho-Young
  • Yeo Hoe-Hyun as Park Eun-Ho
  • Kim Do-Yeon as Yoo Ji-Na
  • Park So-Eun as Maeng Man-Hee
  • Noh Jung-Hyun as Maeng Man-Bok

Park Eun-Ho

Park Eun-Ho was born into a wealthy family and grew up enjoying all the amenities this entailed him to. Displaying interest and talent for speed skating, he trained to master the sport since a young age.


His father strongly supports him and always keeps a close eye on his son’s progress. Having been a speed skater himself in the past, he never fails to point out Eun-Ho’s shortcomings and rarely gives a compliment.

He firmly believes his son should be even more dedicated to his training in order to improve. After all, Eun-Ho has access to the family owned skating arena in Seoul, an entire indoor gym and excellent personal trainers.

Kang Ho-Young

Kang Ho-Young lost his parents at a young age and grew up in the care of his grandfather. His grandfather works at the skating ring of a small town, where one of his duties is looking after the rental skates.

Feeling very protective of his grandfather, Ho-Young always helps him with maintaining the building in order.

He started skating when his grandfather located his fathers old speed skates and gave them to his grandson. Demonstrating a natural ability for skating, Ho-Young entered small local speed skating competitions for prize money. He viewed these competitions as a way to make some money while having fun.

But one day he catches the eye of Park Eun-Ho’s trainer in of these competition. The trainer approaches him with the offer to come to Seoul and start training as a professional speed skater.

At the insistence of his grandfather, Ho-Young agrees to give it a try.


New opportunities or new challenges?

Waiting to be placed in a dorm, Kang Ho-Young goes to stay at the house of Maeng Man-Bok, his childhood friend.

Maeng Man-Bok’s mother runs a small restaurant and lives with her son and her daughter in the house above it. To make ends meet, she also rents out a room or two on occasion. She finds herself with quite the full house when her niece Yoo Ji-Na makes a surprise appearance and Park Eun-Ho decides to move in with them as well.

Ho-Young and Eun-Ho end up training in the same team and a fierce rivalry between these two seemingly opposite characters soon develops.

But life has many lesson in store for them both and the people around them, including the adults. Only time will tell, if they can overcome these challenges and instead turn them into opportunities.


Author’s note

I’ll keep my notes short – pun intended – :p

“Short” is a true gem of a drama and I hope you give it a chance. Despite some minor acting and character flaws, I found the interpretation of the storyline truly enjoyable.

I especially cheered on Kang Tae-Oh of Kpop group “5urprise”, whom I’ve been waiting to see in a drama.

Until we drama again,

Cee 🙂

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