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“Stars falling from the sky” (Korean Drama) Review

Hello fellow K-drama fans. Here we are again with an oldie. Even though I keep telling myself to watch/review the new dramas out there recently, I seem to be stuck in this phase of reminiscing about dramas of times past. But you’re not here for my ramblings about my Korean drama mood. So instead let’s dive into what you came here for: “Stars falling from the sky”.

This romantic comedy, consisting of 20 episodes, aired in early 2010 and is also referred to as “Wish upon a star” or “Pick up a star”.

The Cast

  • Choi Jung-Won as Shin Pal-Kang
  • Kim Ji-Hoon as Won Kang-Ha
  • Shin Dong-Wook as Won Jun-Ha
  • Chae Young-In as Jeong Jae-Yeong
  • Lee Kyeon as Woo Tae-Kyu
  • Park Ji-Bin as Shin Ju-Hwang
  • Cheon Bo-Keun as Shin Pa-Rang

Stars falling from the sky

Shin Pal-Kang (Choi Jung-Won) is a young woman mainly preoccupied with her outward appearance. Her focus is constantly on improving her status in life but with as little work and inconvenience on her part as possible. Her selfish behaviour is a stark contrast to her parents generosity.

The family lives in a small town where her parents run a small clinic. In addition to their biological daughter, the couple has also taken on the care of 5 additional children.

Although money is tight, the family as a whole leads a happy and content life. Except Pal-Kang, since she always wishes to instead be a rich socialite. The young woman spends whatever money she has on new clothes, hair, and make-up.

However, amidst the normal chaos that is daily life, tragedy strikes the family, turning their life on it’s head.

From one day to the next, Pal-Kang and her siblings not only become orphans but also loose their family home. With nowhere to go and barely any money, the young woman struggles to look after the younger kids.

However, as luck would have it, she hears about a job opening for a live-in housekeeper. Despite zero cooking skills and no intention on improving this, Pal-Kang somehow manages to secure the position.

Stars falling from the stars

Her new employers are completely clueless about what they have gotten themselves into. Unbeknownst to them, their housekeeper secretly brought along five additional people when moving in.

Three men and a baby

pick up the stars

Half-brothers Won Kang-Ha (Kim Ji-Hoon) and Won Jun-Ha (Shin Dong-Wook) have been sharing a home for a while now. More recently they also – reluctantly – agreed to take in their young relative Woo Tae-Kyu (Lee Kyeon).

Kang-Ha is quiet and reserved, and also very set in his ways. He does not appreciate when anything – or anyone – disrupts his always carefully laid out plans.

Any person in his close proximity is aware of his peculiar character and – if wise – attempts to keep their distance. Kang-Ha resides in the upstairs part of the shared home and nobody is allowed to enter his domain without his permission.

Jun-Ha, his half-brother, is one of the few people that knows the cause behind Kang-Ha’s need for privacy. He has therefore no issues keeping to the main floor of the house and allowing his older sibling his space.

It also mainly falls to Jun-Ha to look after Tae-Kyu, who tends to be a bit of a troublemaker. The young man keeps getting himself into trouble while spending his time hanging about.

Tae-Kyu’s parents have hopes that staying with Kang-Ha and Jun-Ha will prove to be a good influence on their son. Maybe living with the two respectable and hardworking young man will finally make the immature Tae-Kyu grow up.

However, despite their vastly different personalities and tempers, the three young bachelors enjoy a relatively harmonious home life. Everyone does their own thing and goes about their daily schedule.

But all that is about to completely change.

Pick up the stars

A force to be reckoned with

Since day one nothing goes as Pal-Kang had planned, or better said, hoped.

Preparing food and cleaning the house while also secretly looking after her siblings has all the makings of a disaster.

Although Pal-Kang tries her best, hiding five children is no easy task. The youngest, a toddler, also cannot be left for long periods of time without her supervision. Even though the two oldest, barely teenagers themselves, try to help as much as possible.

And how is she to keep them quiet when the men are at home? Children cause noise by solely existing and there is nothing she can do about it.

As chaos takes over the household and things seem out of control, Pal-Kang dreads on the daily being found out by her employers. She cannot afford to lose her employ and the roof over their head.

Pal-Kang also starts to truly care for the wellbeing of her siblings and slowly considers them less and less as only a burden.

Once immature and self-centered, her new attitude and change in character do not go unnoticed by those around her.

How will it all turn out in the end?

Stars falling from the stars

Until we drama again,


P.S.: “Stars falling from the sky” will make you cry and laugh throughout. Enjoy!

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