5. Trip to South Korea

Strolling around Seoul, South Korea

Trip to South Korea – Part 9: Two Weeks

During our two-week stay in South Korea, we enjoyed exploring areas around town for scenic views and – of course – places to eat. Seoul is truly a place where historical buildings and modern architecture coexist in harmony.

Bosingak Belfry

The Bosingak Bell Pavilion (located a short walk away from Gwanghwamun Plaza) was originally constructed in 1396 and used to keep the time during the Joseon dynasty.

Charcoal Boiled Meat
Charcoal Boiled Beef
Haemuljeon (Seafood Pancake)
A bowl of delicious Naengmyeon (Korean Cold Noodles).
Coffee house
Just one of many charming little coffee houses we encountered during our trip.
We would have loved to show you a picture from the upstairs part of this coffeehouse, but in all honesty, we were so tired from walking around all day, we opted against the stairs at that moment.
Seoul sightseeing
Remnants of a time long passed remain and create an interesting interruption of the landscape that is modern architecture.
Seoul sightseeing
Small streets lined with restaurants such as this one can be found all over Seoul.
Seoul sightseeing
A closer look at the massive wall made of rocks enclosing the extensive grounds of Gyeongbokgung Palace.
Seoul sightseeing
A busy multiple lane road divides modern Seoul from the palace walls. Upon entering the palace grounds, one easily forgets the hustle outside and gets swept up in the beauty of the historical buildings.
Seoul architecture
Beautiful architecture all around.
Kdrama fan
Tourist spotted and identified as K-drama fan! Complete with a ‘Hello Kitty’ fan and a copy of “Scholar who walks the night”.
But all jokes aside, this library was every reader’s dream, and also provided a welcome break from the scorching heat outside.
Seoul sightseeing
Time to practice your Korean reading skills. Who can spot the Noraebang (Korean Karaoke room)?


Visit to South Korea
If you’re of age, we suggest you try at least a few of the many different flavours of Makgeolli (Rice Wine) that Korea has to offer. They are delicious!!
After a day at Namsan Tower we took the train back to our hotel. There were several exits near our hotel and this evening we took the wrong one, ending up on an unfamiliar corner. We weren’t too worried though since we knew our hotel had to be nearby somewhere. Across the street we spotted a Café Bene.
No self-respecting K-drama fan would pass up the chance to visit one of those. The café had a very nice atmosphere. And after noticing that our hotel was really just around the corner, you can bet this wasn’t our last visit.


Patbingsu, a famous Korean dessert consisting of shaved ice with different toppings. This one is a Oreo cookies and chocolate flavoured.
This is a typical patbingsu: Shaved ice topped with red beans and ice cream and more red beans waiting for you at the bottom.
Another food highlight on our trip was when our local friends took us to a Chinese restaurant that served delicious Jajjangmyeon [noodles topped with black bean sauce and sautéed vegetables]. It appears we were so eager to eat the noodles that we forgot to take a picture before digging in. But I’m sure we have all seen our share of this dish watching K-dramas.


What are the food, places, and/or things you dream of when planning your Korea trip? We would love to hear from you.

Thank you for joining us on our trip down memory lane, while we reminisced about the multitude of experiences we were so fortunate to have during our South Korea adventure.

Signing off,

Cee and R.

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