The Uncanny Counter (Korean Drama) First Look

Hello there. Here we are with another first look at a Kdrama. I decided on “The uncanny counter” as it seemed outside of what I normally lean towards watching. Reading the title, I was sure to be dealing with some sort of math genius as main lead. Maybe a background in the gambling world…?

Reading up on the actual summary of the drama did not help either. It was telling me that the story revolves around a group of people running a noodle shop during the day and slaying demons at night. Wait, what!? I’m a self-proclaimed scaredy cat and tend to stay away from dark themed dramas/movies and the likes.

The uncanny counter

Assuming you, the reader, are equally clueless about the plot of “The uncanny counter” as yours truly, here is my short synopsis:

Ahn Suk Hwan

Ga Mo-Tak (Yoo Jun-Sang), Chu Mae-Ok (Yum Hye-Ran) & Do Ha-Na (Kim Se-Jeong) are part of a secret group lead by Choi Jang-Mul (Ahn Suk-Hwan). They aim to locate and subsequently slay evil spirits. Mo-Tak, Mae-Ok & Ha-Na each possess their own unique abilities that help them in both their physical and psychological fight against demons. The three run a noodle shop as a forefront to hide their real identity. Meanwhile, Jang-Mul seems to work mostly behind the scenes, disguising as the rich CEO of a company.

So Mun (Jo Byeong-Gyu) is a high school student with his own set of problems. Despite leading a life that is far from easy, he does his best to maintain a positive outlook in life. To everyone’s surprise, he becomes the newest candidate to become a “counter”, a term used to describe members of this demon slaying ensemble.

The uncanny counter


Much to my delight, the drama dove right into the story since the first scene. No longwinded introduction of characters. You figure out whether someone is the good or bad guy as you go along.

The intro is also short and to the point, with a definite nod to the plot’s origin. (A/N: “The uncanny counter” aka “Amazing Rumour” [Korean Title “Kyeongirowoon Somoon”] is based on a webcomic by Jang Yi.)

Episode one was filled with well done action sequences, elements of fantasy, and overall fast paced. However, despite this, the plot outline was easy to follow, and promises much.

The uncanny counter

Right from the beginning, this drama hints at themes of friendship, bullying, betrayal, fight for justice, and corruption, and does not limit these to a certain age group.

I was overjoyed to also detect definite signs of several strong female characters. Here is hoping the writers are not out to disappoint as they have certainly – and sadly – done in the past.

Choi Yoon Young


To finalize, the drama feels like a crossover of “Healer”, “Witch’s Love” and “Let’s fight Ghost!”. All dramas I enjoyed which bodes well for my first impression on “The uncanny counter”.

Q: Will I continue watching this drama?

A: Yes! Probably during daytime only and surrounded by pillows that could potentially be used to cover my eyes. But still, yes!

Q: What is my biggest concern regarding the drama?

A: Other than writers messing up the female characters…the overall pace. Episode 1 started out so strong and there is a slim chance they can keep up that pace. Will they manage to keep it captivating while slowing down or will I feel like we are running in place somewhere mid drama?

So there you have it. My first look at “The uncanny counter”. Let me know if you would like a full review (if I end up watching the entire drama, lol).

Thank you for hanging out with us.

Until we drama again,


“Boys over Flowers” (Korean Drama) Review

Welcome to my new weekly series which I decided to name the ‘Korean Drama Throwback’ series. This series will feature reviews for dramas that aired at least 10 years ago. Falling in love with Korean dramas well over a decade ago now, it was time for some official reminiscing. I also look forward to sharing some of the great dramas of the past and it’s protagonists with you. Fasten your seat belts and join me on this journey down Korean drama memory lane. Our very first guest spot goes to ‘Boys over Flowers’, the Korean drama that started it all for me.

Episodes: 25

Original Release Date: January 5 to March 31, 2009


‘Boys over Flowers’ is the Korean adaptation of famous Japanese manga series “Hana Yori Dango” by Yoko Kamio. Since its publication, multiple countries have created Drama versions of this manga in their native language.

The background for ‘Boys over Flowers’ is the prestigious ShinHwa High School attended by the offspring of Korea’s elite.

These High School attendees find their lives disrupted through the arrival of a seemingly ordinary new female student.

Boys Over Flowers

Geum Jan-Di

The name of this new female student is Geum Jan-Di and she comes from a poor background. Her parents are working hard operating a small laundromat and Jan-Di helps out after school by making deliveries to customers.

So how did she manage coming to a school that her parents can obviously not afford?

One day, while making a delivery to the school, Jan-Di witnesses the bullying of a student by his peers. Coming to the students defence gets both her and the incident noted by the school’s management.

Concerned more than anything about the schools public image, they offer Geum Jan-Di a full scholarship to the school. Although initially hesitant, Jan-Di accepts the scholarship, mostly because of the insistence of her parents.

Her parents are beyond excited. This could be a door opening opportunity for their daughters future on both a personal and professional level.

Boys Over Flowers

Jan-Di has a hard time fitting in at her new school and making any friends. Unable to relate to her classmates – who all come from rich backgrounds – makes her feel like an outsider.

However, being the optimistic and resilient sort she is, Jan-Di refuses to give up. Since day one she strives to stay true to herself no matter what. Even if that means standing up to the schools famous ‘F4’.

But will the consequences of her courageous acts be more than she bargained for?


Boys Over Flowers

‘F4’ stands for ‘Flower 4’, a term used to describe the four most popular boys at the school.

Popular for their wealth, their looks and their fashion, the F4 members enjoy many privileges and are considered untouchable.

They met as young boys and started what over the years evolved into a very close friendship. Unfortunately, their power and influence has turned them into arrogant bullies seldom aware of the hurt they are inflicting.

Boys Over Flowers

Gu Jun-Pyo

is the leader of the F4 and heir to the corporation that founded the school. Due to this, Teachers don’t dare to reprimand him for anything he does and Jun-Pyo pretty much runs the school.

Growing up surrounded by nannies and tutors instead of his parents, Jun-Pyo felt abandoned. As a result he started acting out at a young age whenever something would not go his way.

Hiding his emotional pain and loneliness behind a ruthlessly arrogant facade became a habit. However, Jun-Pyo feels fiercely loyal towards the other 3 members of F4 and would do anything for them.

Yoon Yi-Hoo

is the quietest member of the F4. He can often be found sleeping in some remote corner of the school or playing his violin. He is the grandson of a former Korean president who was much beloved by the people.

After Yi-Hoo lost his parents in a accident, he was taken in and raised by his grandfather. Him and his grandfather continued to share a close bond.

The rest of F4 look up to Yi-Hoo and especially Jun-Pyo sees in him the brother he never had. Although he never speaks up when the other F4 members act out, he shows kindness towards his fellow students.

So Lee-Jeong‘s

family gained their fame and fortune in the pottery business. Displaying a special talent for the craft at a young age himself, Lee-Jeong became a potter in his own right.

Lee-Jeong is also famous for being a womanizer, a pastime he shares with his fellow F4 member Song Woo-Bin. What is not common knowledge, is that Lee-Jeong avoids serious relationships due to a past painful amorous experience.

Song Woo-Bin

is heir to a Real Estate Empire and known as the fighter of the F4. Speculations run wild that his family owes their wealth due to links with the Korean mafia, but nobody knows for sure.

A womanizer and seemingly without a care in the world, Woo-Bin is dependable when it comes to his friends. Any F4 member knows they can count on his support anytime during a physical fight.

Boys Over Flowers
♬ Almost paaaaradise… ♬

Beyond boys over flowers

Despite their initial powerful opposition to Geum Jan-Di and what she represents, the F4 eventually come to recognize the strength of her character.

There will be many painful events as a result of ignorance and fear of the unknown.

Through Jan-Di, members of the F4 learn a new appreciation for things that money cannot buy. Her influence slowly but noticeably starts to make waves in their lives.

Jan-Di’s demand for justice encourages them to confront their past. Gradually each member starts to redefine their future toward becoming a better version of themselves.

Author’s note

‘Boys over Flowers’ was a massive hit when it first aired and propelled it’s protagonists to international fame. To this day it remains one of the most watched Korean dramas.

It generated many iconic parodies by idol groups and variety shows alike.

From the drama’s theme songs to the main characters fashion style, it all became the source of variety show entertainment.

Even a decade later reference is often made to the drama by playing the song ‘Almost Paradise’.

As mentioned earlier, this drama started my journey into the Korean Drama World.

It also introduced me to Korean Pop music and my first K-pop ‘Oppas’, which is none other than the boy band ‘SS501’ (DoubleS501).

The members of ‘SS501’ are currently active as solo artists but we fans are awaiting the day when they will reunite for a project as a group.

Whichever way that turns out, ‘Boys over Flowers’ and ‘SS501’ will always hold a special place in this K-Drama addicts heart.

Happy first throwback,


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