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“The Fugitive: Plan B” (Korean Drama) Review

“The Fugitive: Plan B” is a 2010 action/investigative drama consisting of 20 episodes.

The [culprits] Stars

  • Rain (Bi) as Private Investigator Ji-Woo
  • Lee Na-Young as Jini
  • Daniel Henney as Kai
  • Lee Jeong-Jin as Detective Do-Soo
  • Yoon Jin-Seo as Detective Yoon So-Ran

The Fugitive

The Fugitive Plan B

Ji-Woo (Rain) is a Private Investigator based in Korea. However, since this is considered an illegal occupation, he insists on being addressed as Private Investigations Administrator, or for short, PIA.

Smart, charming, and at times cunning, Ji-Woo has made quite a name for himself in the area of investigating and solving incidents. Many of his clients choose to come to him instead of the police. Oftentimes due to the police being unable to assist.

Although Ji-Woo is a ladies man, he takes care to never get involved too seriously with anyone.

Despite appearances to the contrary, he does have a solemn side to him but prefers not to show it.

Regardless of people’s personal opinion of Ji-Woo, no one can deny that he is extremely good at his job. This is in big part due to his extensive network of informants and his ability to make good use of the same.

I like to see my client smile

It is a day like any other when a new potential client walks into Ji-Woo’s office. The beautiful woman requests that he find someone named ‘Melchidec’ for her, and is willing to pay top dollars for his services.

In addition to her outer appearance, the female client also makes an impression on the PI with her complete disregard for his attempts at charming her.

Regardless, due to the limited information provided by her, he is not inclined to take on her case.

But everything changes, when among her digital data he finds an image of his former business partner Kevin. This man was also his closest friend and Ji-Woo has never quite accepted his accidental death a few years ago.

Who is this mysterious woman and why does she have Kevin’s picture? What is her real purpose for contacting Ji-Woo?

The beautiful heiress

Lee Na-Young as Jinni in The Fugitive: Plan B

Jini (Lee Na-Young) has had a eventful life, to put it mildly.

As a small child, she and her Grandparents were involved in a car accident. Although she walked away with only minor injuries, her grandpa and grandma were not that fortunate and passed away.

When she was a teenager, her parents lost their lives in a helicopter accident. As a result, she was adopted by her Dad’s brother and his wife.

Jini loved her aunt and uncle almost as much as she did her real parents and they shared a close and harmonious relationship.

Unfortunately for her, this was not to last. When she was but a young adult, her adoptive parents were found victims of an apparent murder/suicide.

Devastated by the loss of loved ones in her life, Jini decided after that to keep her distance from everyone. It seemed that whoever was in her proximity was in constant danger.

However, there was one person who she remained close with and that was Kai. The young business man had been her dear friend and trusted protector for several years now.

The Fugitive Plan B

Kai is her confidante and advisor and she takes his opinion into account for all her actions. Except for her decision to return to Korea and hire a PI to dig into the deaths of her family.

And not just any PI but the same one who handled one of their cases: Ji-Woo.

Running & Running

Suspicious of his activities, the police has been paying extra attention to Ji-Woo for some time. Especially Detective Do-Soo (Lee Jeong-Jin) seems to have made it his personal mission to apprehend the PI once and for all.

Convinced that Ji-Woo is also culpable of Kevin’s murder, Do-Soo is constantly running around to catch him.

Supported by a trusty team of fellow detectives, he follows the PI even crossing oceans in the process.

Despite his initial conviction to the contrary, Do-Soo cannot help but start doubting Ji-Woo’s involvement in the matter.


Kai (Daniel Henney) is a young and successful entrepreneur involved in the shipping business and other lucrative investments.

Daniel Heney as Kai in The Fugitive: Plan B

Handsome and charming, he has the ladies swooning over him wherever he goes but seems to reject all of them most decisively. The only woman that matters to him is Jini.

Although she insists on being independent and living on her own, Kai makes sure to always be only a phone call away.

Plan B

From the moment Jini enters his life, Ji-Woo’s life becomes a succession of dangerous encounters. Enemies he can’t identify seem to suddenly be everywhere.

But hoping to answer some of his own questions regarding the death of his friend along the way, he is decided to continue digging into her case.

Although initially a rather forced partnership, Jini and Ji-Woo quickly realize they need each other to get to the bottom of things.

Ji-Woo and Jinni sitting on the couch.
The Fugitive: Plan B

As they embark on this new quest, it soon becomes apparent that nothing is as it seems.

They cannot help but notice that someone truly powerful seems to be manipulating events while hiding in the shadows.

The only way to win this battle is by always having a Plan B [backup plan].

Author’s Note

The Fugitive Plan B

“The Fugitive: Plan B” is fast paced and action packed yet still manages to slide in those moving moments – aka “feels – unique to Korean dramas. Plenty of humorous scenes make an appearance as well.

The acting was on point and the characters entertaining to watch…except Detective Yoon. I couldn’t help but being disappointed by her.

Detective Yoon’s character made a strong and impressive entrance and I had high hopes. This had all the potential of featuring a female as a professional and smart member of the police force. But once again **sigh** a female character’s main purpose was chasing after her romantic interest. However, since she is not the main lead of the story, I managed to tune out the annoying traits of this character.

Because of being a multilingual myself, I also truly appreciated the characters interacting in multiple/different languages without anyone batting an eye. It is always music to my ears when dramas or movies feature multilingual dialogue.

The Fugitive Plan B

The cast of “The Fugitive: Plan B” not only includes famous Korean actors. It also heavily featured appearances by several international stars which made it even more unique.

In addition the filming locations and different story settings were also delightfully diverse. Characters travelling to different Asian countries provided beautiful backdrops and made me feel like I was on a trip.

Until we drama again,


The Fugitive Plan B

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