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The Law Cafe (2022 Korean Drama) First Look

Hello my fellow k-drama fans! It’s been too long since I last came on here and officially gushed about a Korean drama. Therefor it seems only appropriate that today´s first look is dedicated to a drama starring my number one oppa, Lee Seung Gi. We are, of course, talking about “The Law Cafe”.

“The Law Cafe” is a romance drama centered around legal issues, with many of its main caracters being lawyers, prosecutors, or persuing some other occupation in the legal field. The story consists of 16 episodes, which aired in the later half of 2022.

The Law Cafe

The original story of “The Law Cafe” is based on a webcomic – count me in- and its literal title can be translated as “Love by Law”.

As mentioned already, the drama stars our handsome Lee SeungGi as protagonist; who is joined by the lovely Lee SeYoung as his counterpart. Many well-known names round out the cast, but I won’t name them all here. I must point out though that the talented Kim SeulGi is part of the main caracter’s close circle. Kim SeulGi has long since established herself as a versatile actress and one of my personal favorites.

The Law Cafe – Synopsis

Kim JungHo (Lee SeungGi) fist met Kim YooRi (Lee SeYoung) when he joined her class in high school. He quickly became the fourth member in her group of close friends consisting of Han SeYeon (Kim SeulGi) and Do JinKi (Oh DongMin). Due to his academic abilities, he soon became the best in their class, a title held until his arrival by YooRi.

The Law Cafe

The four of them continue their close friendship as they progress into university. SeYeon and JinKi started dating early on and eventually, JungHo and YooRi decide to become a couple as well.

While JungHo goes on to become a prosecutor, YooRi starts working as a lawyer for a mayor company. She is known to her clients as a dedicated advocate for their interests regardless of the opponent. As a teenager, YooRi witnessed in disbelief how her father’s name got slandered in court due to her family’s inability to properly defend themselves.

Based on her experience, her goal is to provide her legal services to those who cannot afford it. It is with this purpose that she decides to open up a cafe, where she will provide legal consultations on the side. This cafe shall be aptly named “Law Cafe”. While searching for a building to rent, YooRi finds just the place. To her surprise, the owner of the place is someone once very close to her: Kim JungHo.

The Law Cafe

Back in University, after having dated for a while, JingHo one day broke up with her out of the blue. He not only refused to give her a good reason for the break-up, but also proceeded to avoid her at all cost afterwards. Even during their mutual friends recent wedding he walked away once she spotted him.

YooRi however does not care about their shared past and proceeds to make a proposal to JungHo for the rental. She wants to use the downstairs of the building already furnished as a cafe. But JungHo adamantely refuses her offer. Living on the upper floor of the cafe, he fears running into her.

Despite his opposition, she eventually talks him into renting her the downstairs. Not before attaching a long list of rules she is to follow if she wants the contract to remain intact.

Although YooRi knows that JungHo left behind his succesful career as a prosecutor, she has never understood the reason why. Unbeknownst to her, she was part of the reason. JungHo discovered that his family was somehow involved in the wrong comitted against YooRi’s family in the past. Following this deiscovery, he distanced himself from her and quit his job as a prosecutor.

Finally having secured the cafe, YooRi proceeds to move in and slowly starts getting involved with her neighbours and her new surrounding community. Especially the two ahjumas operating a nearby convenience store and JungHo’s cousin, a psychiatrist, become a new constant in her daily routine.

Regardless of his earlier statement on the matter, JungHo keeps getting involved in YooRi’s day-to-day. With increased concern he notices that several of her new clients’ complaints are against Dohan Group, his relative’s company.

Aware what the group is capable of doing to win a case, JungHo is determined to protect YooRi. Unaware of the danger she is getting herself into and JungHo’s connection to Dohan Group, YooRi proceeds to do what she always set out to do: Help everyday folk get justice while serving them a good cup of coffee.

Until we drama again,


The Law Cafe

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