6. Random Musings

Thoughts about Mother’s Day

So it was Mother’s Day this weekend and once again **sigh** I waited too long to prepare and send out an actual gift to my Mom.

This has been a repeat story over the past years since I moved an entire continent away from my parents to start my own life adventure.

So instead I decided to honour my Mom with a post.

I was blessed with an amazing Mother and am ever so grateful for it. For a great Mom is not something to take for granted.

My Mom taught me to be independent, courageous and strong, but to also be kind and giving by being a leading example.

Growing up, my Dad’s work would take him away a lot. This meant that raising us kids and dealing with our daily antics was left mostly to my Mom. And although I would like to lay claim to myself having been a perfect angel as a child, my memories and those of the people around me at the time beg to differ.

But never did I hear her complain or give up and she would tackle everything coming her way. As time passed, she would get us more and more involved in daily chores, teaching us responsibility while also trying to keep us occupied and out of trouble.

And she herself seemed to never get tired. Actually, even to this day my Mom is still one of the most energetic people I’ve ever met. I’m pretty sure even the Energizer Bunny would get jealous :).

But more then anything else, I admire and am grateful for her love towards us kids. Even though I am an adult now and only see my Mom in person every few years, I  know her thoughts and her love are always with me.

 And despite the fact that my Mom and I may not always see eye to eye or we clash because we are so alike, I will always love and honour her as the best Mother I could have ever wished for.

I love you Mom!

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