5. Trip to South Korea

Travelling to South Korea

Trip to South Korea – Part 3: Welcome to Waikiki Korea


Finally, the big day was upon us: We were travelling to South Korea. Suitcases were packed, and lists were checked multiple times to ensure nothing [important] had been overlooked. It was both nerve wrecking and exciting all at once.

After taking care of all formalities at the airport, we were eager to be on our way. Not even the 17 hour flight with several layovers that lay ahead of us could dampen the mood.

Life doing its thing


During one of the layovers we nearly missed our names being called in an announcement to pick up new boarding passes. Due to a language barrier, the flight attendant mispronounced our names (which none of us held against her).

However, ‘oori yeo dongsaeng’ (A/N: That’s Korean slang for ‘my younger sister’ #korean101) **wink wink** –  had sharp ears and picked up on the call. (A/N: Totally worth having her come along already).

In conclusion, the flight was otherwise pretty uneventful. Since the three of us had experience with long distance flights, we came prepared with ways to make the time pass.

Back on solid ground

View from above at South Korea

The moment we first set eyes on the Korean peninsula, will remain edged in our memories forever.

Travelling to South Korea

Upon arrival at the Incheon International Airport, we collected our bags, and subsequently proceeded to the front counter/help desk. Here we purchased our tickets for the ‘airport limousine’.

These ‘limousines’ are actually buses that go back and forth between the Incheon Airport and the Walker Hill Hotel in Seoul. With a few select stops in between, it takes about 1 hour to get to Seoul from the airport.

Inchon Airport

Although it is slightly more expensive than taking a regular shuttle bus, I highly recommend it. The bus is equipped with spacious & oh-so-comfortable seats, which all body parts will thank you for after the long flight.

In addition to this, your suitcases are tagged and stored down below, therefor saving you from having to lug them inside the bus with you. **Yay**

A friend met us at the end of our bus ride. Since it was only a short walk from there to her place, she had kindly offered to let us spend the night at her house. Dragging our tired bodies plus baggage uphill for what seemed like forever, we arrived at our final destination.

Let the fun begin

Travel to South Korea

After some much needed freshening up, it was time to go in search of a nearby place for supper.

Seeing all the little stores and multiple ‘Noraebangs’ (Karaoke rooms) along the way, it all seemed surreal. I felt like a character walking through a drama scene.

Not surprisingly, we decided on Chicken and Beer or ‘Chimaek’ for fluent K-drama fans.

I learned several important things that first evening: Anything ‘nearby’ or a ‘short walk away’ translates into a 10 minute [possibly uphill] walk and may or may not include stairs; there actually is a ‘Noraebang’ at every corner; and ‘Chimaek’ is all and more that it is cracked up to be in Korean dramas.

Travelling to South Korea was off to an excellent start.

-Cee and R.

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