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“Use for my talent” Chinese Drama First Look

Use for my Talent Feature

Okay…time to take a look at “Use for my Talent”, currently airing on Netflix. The drama is based on a webtoon and consists of 24 episodes, which are each about 45 minutes in length. Other known names of the drama are “Cleaning Elves”, and “My dear neat freak”.

Use for my Talent


Shuang Jiao (Shen Yue) is a diligent young woman who lives with her Dad and younger brother. While interviewing at different companies in hopes of a permanent position, Shuang Jiao works several part-time jobs in order to help her father with their expenses. Having lost their wife and mother in a car accident a year ago, the family still struggles to overcome their grief.

Despite her difficulties and setbacks, Shuang Jiao remains optimistic about her future, facing each day with a cheerful attitude.

Gu Ren Qi (Jasper Liu) grew up surrounded by all that money could buy, as his Grandfather was the founder of a successful cleaning company. However, all these material things could not make up for the lack of affection he received from his family. Regardless of how hard he tried, nothing short of perfection ever seemed good enough for them.

As a result of this, Gu Ren Qi developed a obsessive need for perfection in the form of cleanliness. Even the smallest sign of dirt will completely freak him out, usually causing him to freeze up or attempt to run away.

Now the CEO of the family business, Gu Ren Qi’s ultimate goal is to develop a robot vacuum that can essentially replace humans in the cleaning business. Albeit now an adult, he continuous to wish for his families approval.

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Since meeting Shuang Jiao for the first time, Gu Ren Qi’s world is shook, but for all the wrong reasons. Each of their encounters leaves either his person or his car a total mess.

When he finds out that Shuang Jiao has just been hired to work at his company, his apprehension to have her in constant close proximity is great.

Meanwhile, Shuang Jiao is torn between feeling annoyed at his haughty personality, and moved by his repeat helpful kindness towards her.

Use for my Talent

Use for my talent

If “Use for my talent” gives you a sense of Deja Vu, you are not alone. Reasons for this are likely multiple. Like the fact that there is nothing new about the main characters of this drama.

We have the clumsy, hardworking, down-on-her-luck female lead complete with struggling yet endearing father and immature troublemaking younger brother. Then there is our male Lead. Handsome, rich, and of course, with a peculiar personality caused by trauma in his past. We also have the successful beauty intent on getting with the male lead even if it means endless scheming. Last but not least, there is the handsome and kind second lead. Although we know he will inevitably get his heart broken, this will not stop us from cheering for him.

Additionally, the familiar feeling of the drama could be due to you having watched the 2018 Korean adaptation of this webtoon. Broadcasted as “Clean with Passion for Now”, it starred Yoon KyungSang, Kim YooJung, and Song JaeRim in the main roles. I personally enjoyed the story and acting, clichés and all.

Use for my Talent

So, having mentioned all that, there is not much else to be said.

Personally, I am on the fence about whether or not to watch “Use for my talent” in its entirety. I mean, 24 episodes is a long time investment. [I can hear R. laughing at me while reminding me that I watched all 28 episodes of “Shining Inheritance” several times. Lol. Oh well.]

Then again, I’m a huge fan of Shen Yue since “A love so Beautiful”. Also, Jasper Liu has got that undeniably cute dimpled smile. Not to mention the height difference between these two, which adds such an adorable visual to their couple.

It must be mentioned as well that the chemistry among all characters but specially between the leads is off the charts.

And with that, I bid you Adiós.

Until we drama again,


Use for my Talent

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