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“Vincenzo” (Korean Drama) First Look

Hello there fellow K-Drama addicts! As the title already states, this is only a first impression about the newly released Korean drama “Vincenzo”. The series is a Netflix original that will consist of 20 episodes and finish its run sometimes in April 2021.

Although I so far only watched episode one, there is no doubt that TVN will once again excel in entertaining us. Labelled as ‘Dark Comedy’, “Vincenzo” combines the usual [beloved] K-Drama tropes with fantastic action scenes.

The cast consists of Song Joong-Ki (Descendants of the sun; Arthal Chronicles), Jeon Yeo-Bin, Ok TaecYeon (Let’s fight, Ghost!), Jo Han-Chul, Kwak Dong-Yeon (My ID is Gangnam Beauty; My strange hero), Yoo Jae-Myung (The King2Hearts). There are also several other known faces rounding out the supporting cast and making cameos.

Let the fun begin…

The drama starts off strong with a sequence of scenes that could be straight out of a James Bond movie. These also serve as an introduction to the drama’s main character Vincenzo Cassano, portrayed by the one and only Song Joong-Ki. (Yes, I’m fangirling! So what?! hahaha)

Vincenzo is the legal advisor to a major Italian mafia boss and has made quite a name for himself. However, his occupation has earned him high status and powerful enemies alike.


Leaving behind his longtime home in Italy, Vincenzo travels to South Korea for his next job. But no sooner has he stepped off the plane when things stop going according to his carefully laid out plan.

He is met with unexpected strong opposition by some of the tenants still residing inside the building he needs to demolish to move forward with his plan.

However, things take an even worst turn when a shady company also tries to get their hands on the property, not shying away from illegal means to do so.

Will Vincenzo have to join forces with the tenants of the building to accomplish what he came for?

I cannot wait to find out! Since I prefer to watch dramas marathon style, I’ll try to contain my curiosity and enjoy it once all episodes have aired. (Are we there yet? hahaha)

More unsolicited opinions…

Judging by some online reviews concerning the female lead, I feel this may be an unpopular opinion…but I think her unique character is befitting to the overall tone of the drama.

I am also looking forward to being entertained by a fantastic plotline that does not require a romance between its leads to carry me through. But hey, if a romance is in store for us, I’ll not complain. As long as the overall storytelling does not suffer, I’m here for it!


And with that, I bid you ‘Until we drama again‘,


P.S.: Did you have a chance yet to check out this drama? Would love to hear your first impressions in the comments.

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