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“Where stars land” (Korean Drama) Review

While on a 24 hour international flight last year, I felt inspired to write a review for “Where stars land” (literal title “Fox Bride Star”).

Where stars land

The drama’s fictional story follows the daily lives of several individuals working at different departments within the Incheon International Airport.

We get to root for them as they solve issues of varying severity. From dealing with pompous irate customers, to delayed flights and possible security threats.

As a repeat international traveller myself, I could relate to so many things happening throughout the drama. Of course, as a customer you do not get a behind-the-scenes look at airports. However, simply observing fellow travellers and airport staff can tell us a lot.

Where stars land

I personally loved all the different story-lines intertwining different characters throughout the drama. All supporting characters were written very well and they had their own stories. Above all, their sole purpose did not seem to be keeping the story going for the main leads. Although this was likely – more than anything else – meant to attract a wider variety of viewers, I have no complaint.

My absolute favourites were Oh Dae-Ki and Na Young-Joo, two members of the security team. Both of these characters were complex and enchanting in their own right. Specially having a strong female character in the position of Security Guard was refreshing to see.

Where stars land

In Conclusion, just writing about the drama made me want to watch it all over again.

Where stars land

  • Lee Ye-Hoon as Lee Soo-Yeon
  • Chae Soo-Bin as Han Yeo-Reum
  • Lee Dong-Gun as Seo In-Woo
  • Kim Ji-Soo as Yang Seo-Goon
  • Kim Kyung-Nam as Oh Dae-Ki
  • Lee Soo-Kyung as Na Yeong-Joo
  • Ro Woon as Go Eun-Sub

The drama also features many other well known actors among its supporting cast.

Standing out in the crowd

Han Yeo-Reum (Chae Soo-Bin) is excited to have landed a full time job at the Incheon International Airport. It was always her dream to work there.

Where stars land

Unfortunately for her though, the reality of her work life is not as smooth sailing as she had hoped. Within less than a year Yeo-Reum’s impetuous personality results in customer complaints, which in turn get her in trouble with management.

Due to this, she is transferred from the Traffic Service Team to the Passenger Service Team.

This however, does not curb her determination to earn the acknowledgement of her superiors.

After joining the Passenger Service Team, Yeo-Reum starts working closely with Lee Soo-Yeon, a fellow team member.

Yeo-Reum is unsure what to make of the serious young man. He doesn’t say much, seems standoffish and overall seems to have no interest in social interactions with his co-workers.

Fox Bride Star

She is also annoyed by the fact that he was assigned to supervise her. Especially after discovering that he himself has only been on the Team for a few months.

However, despite her challenging attitude towards him, she starts admiring his steadfast and calm demeanour. And somehow, he also seems oddly familiar. Yeo-Reum keeps thinking that they met before but Lee Soo-Yeon strongly denies this.

Where stars land

Our female lead starts out as simply wanting that much coveted stable job income and the praise of her superiors. But slowly, we see her maturing as a person and also turning into a responsible team member able to hold her own.

Flying under the radar

Lee Soo-Yeon (Lee Ye-Hoon) is a quiet person who likes to keep his distance from everyone. Living a simple normal life and getting through each day unnoticed is his ultimate wish.

Although only recently having joined the Passenger Service Team, he has already proven to be a valued asset. In addition, a recent incident in which he came to the rescue of a minor gained him popularity among his peers.

Lee Seo-Yoon to the rescue.

Soo-Yeon smells trouble the moment he meets Han Yeo-Reum. Her stubborn personality and her eagerness to stand out are bound to bring unwanted attention his way.

Our male lead is also keeping a big secret and wishes to not stand out in any way. Because his secret being revealed will cost him his career at the very least. Although Soo-Yeon enjoys his work at the airport, he also lives in constant fear of his untold past being discovered.

**The below may contain spoilers as I make mention of specific scenes within “Where stars land”. Proceed at your own risk**
Where stars land

Personally I felt cheated by the ending of the drama. During the last 1-2 episodes it seemed the writers/director/producers completely forgot where they were heading with this. **tsk tsk tsk**

It also bothered me that the last scene only showed the back of our hero. I’m convinced this was a stand-in and not the main actor himself.

However, overall this is still a enchanting and entertaining story I do recommend watching.

Chae Soo-Bin & Lee Ye-Hoon

Until we drama again,


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