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“You are my Spring” New TVN Drama (First Look)

Hello again. It’s been a while but we are finally back with another first look. Today’s choice had to be the currently airing TVN drama “You are my Spring”. This 16-episode Kdrama is scheduled to be released between July 5 to August 24, 2021.

Right off the bat, let me warn you to not be fooled by the name of this drama. Although the title might suggest this to be a lighthearted romantic comedy, that impression could not be further from the truth.

However, despite the plotline being of a darker nature, the drama contains ample uplifting moments. True to TVN’s standard, the storyline takes you on a rollercoaster ride through lighthearted, touching, suspenseful, and romantic scenes.

You are my Spring

“You are my Spring” summary

Building 99, or GuGu Building, has recently undergone extensive renovations. Just about ready for the new tenants to move in, the second floor of the building becomes the scene of a gruesome murder.

Not deterred by this however, work continues as soon as police clear the scene, and soon after the renovations are completed.

Twins You are my Spring

The first floor houses a coffee shop, operated by Park EunHa (Kim YeWon) and her twin brother, Park CheolDo (Han Min). These two have a typical brother-sister relationship, including plenty of bickering. Nonetheless it is obvious that the two are close and would have each others back if needed.

Ju YoungDo

The second floor is the new location for the office of psychiatrist Ju YoungDo (Kim DongWook). Acknowledged as an expert in his line of work, YoungDo also works as a consultant for the police, and has even published a book. While his on point analyzing skills garner him praise in his professional life, they are often less appreciated in his personal interactions with people.

Kang DoJeong

The rooftop of GuGu Building is home to Kang DaJeong (Seo HyunJin). DaJeong is the concierge at a local prestigious hotel, where she is admired for her competence and friendly personality by her peers. In contrast to her success in her workplace, her love life has been less than smooth. Regardless of intentions to change, DaJeong keeps getting involved with the wrong sort of men, who inevitably end up hurting her.

Rooftop picnic You are my Spring

Since early on, the psychiatrist correctly analyzed the concierge’s character, including her failed attempts at choosing Mr. Right. It is therefor with great trepidation that he looks at her recent admirer, Chae Joon (Yoon Park). Although YeongDo cannot quite yet formulate what exactly it is, something about Chae Joon makes him get his guard up.

You are my Spring

Author’s Final Observations

“You are my Spring” is definitely a drama that I plan to watch in its entirety. The cinematography, as well as the acting, and overall execution are simply on point.

The intro in Live-Action-Storyboard form grabbed my attention since minute one, as did the narration done by both main leads. Coupled with fitting background music this resulted in setting the mood for the scenes to come.

True to the essence of Kdramas, there are multiple flashbacks. (A/N: Stating facts, and not complaining.) Thankfully they are properly executed and clearly dated, thus not causing confusion to the viewer.

In contrast to many similar first encounters, the main leads’ meet cute, although marked by misunderstanding, did not end in a fight. Rather it was resolved in a calm manner by both parties, thus eliminating unnecessary drama.

And that’s it from me for today. How about you? Will you be giving “You are my Spring” a try?

Chae Joon

I hope you have a wonderful day. Stay safe, stay kind.

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