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“You’re all surrounded” (Korean Drama)

“You’re all surrounded” is a 2014 police drama consisting of 20 episodes.

Yo're all surrounded


  • Lee Seung-Gi as Eun Dae-Gu (Kim Ji-Yong)
  • Go Ara as Eo Soo-Sun
  • Cha Seung-Won as Seo Pan-Seok
  • Ahn Jae-Hyun as Park Tae-Il
  • Oh Yoon-Ah as Kim Sa-Kyung
  • Park Jung-Min as Ji-Gook
You're all surrounded


Fifteen year old Kim Ji-Yong lives with his mother, a school nurse, in the small seaside town of Masan. Despite his young age, he is self-assured and confident in the pursuit of his goals.

Ji-Yong is very direct with his words and actions and can be quite short tempered, if provoked. But he is also kind and protective towards the ones he cares about.

Youre all surrounded
* * *

Unfortunately, Ji-Yong’s world is about to be turned inside out through a chain of events with devastating consequences.

Ji-Yong’s Mom is approached by rookie police officer Seo Pan-Suk (Cha Seung-Won). He wants her to come forward as witness in a murder he is investigating. Initially reluctant due to fear of her son’s safety, she ends up agreeing after much persuasion on his part. Pan-Suk assures her that the police will provide protection for her and her son.

Shortly after, upon Ji-Yong’s return home from school one day, he finds his mother has been attacked. Naturally, he is beside himself in shock and fear.

The police arrive to assess the situation and trying to get as much information as possible from their only witness. Seo Pan-Suk also makes his way over and attempts to console the bereaved teenager.

Ji-Yong runs away to his school to be alone and sort out his thoughts. Once there, he realizes that he potentially holds a vital piece of evidence in the form of a necklace. He immediately contacts Pan-Suk, who agrees to come get the teenager and take him and the evidence to safety.

However, when the police officer arrives at the school not long after, Ji-Yong is nowhere to be found.

Ji-Yong has disappeared without a trace and despite Seo Pan-Suk’s unwavering efforts over the next decade, he cannot be located.


Eo Soo-Sun is a High School student who lives with her parents and her younger brother in Masan. Spunky and outgoing, Soo-Sun loves to dance and sing, and dreams of one day debuting as a singer.

To achieve her dream, she attends as many auditions as possible, which is not welcomed by her parents at all.

Loyal to a fault, Soo-Sun counts with a close-knit group of friends. True to her personality, she never hesitates to come to their defense against anyone else.

During one particular confrontation with a classmate, she meets Ji-Yong. Despite being her junior, he does not shy away from standing his ground against Soo-Sun.

Although clearly irritated, there is simultaneously something about the junior’s calm and confident demeanor that catches her attention.

Youre all surrounded

However, before Soo-Sun is able to further contemplate these strange new emotions, her quiet hometown is shaken by a tragedy. Upon arriving at school one morning, she is informed of the attack on Ji-Yong’s mother and his subsequent disappearance.

“You’re all surrounded”

Eleven years pass by and Seo Pan-Suk is now a respected detective in Seoul. He has been placed in charge of the Criminal Investigation Unit at the Gangnam police station.

Only his close juniors and friends know of the personal tragedy that struck him years ago and cost him his family. And they all know better than to make mention of it.

Although known to occasionally be hot tempered, Pan-Suk’s detective and fair leader skills are acknowledged by his team and his superiors alike


In an effort to revive their police force and bring in new blood, Pan-Suk’s superiors are pushing for young officers to join the team. Having begrudgingly agreed to accept two rookies into his unit, Pan-Suk is instead assigned twice that many.

You're all surrounded

Having no choice but to follow the order from his direct superiors, he proceeds to halfheartedly train his new unit. Pan-Suk makes no secret of his contempt towards his rookie juniors, telling them to their faces that he will make sure they soon quit.

– – – – – –

However, the seasoned detective’s opinion of his new team members and their resilience could not have been more wrong. Because despite their utterly different personalities, they seem to share the same stubborn determination to succeed as detectives.

You're all surrounded

Regardless of his repeat attempts to shake their resolve, the four rookie’s bond and efficiency as a team only improves. Will they be able to convince their leader that they indeed have what it takes and deserve to be part of his unit?

Youre all surrounded

Since day one, Eun Dae-Gu (Lee Seung-Gi) is the new member that especially puzzles and frustrates Pan-Suk. There is something off with this guy but he cannot put his finger on it.

Youre all surrounded

Despite the rookie’s attempts to hide it, Pan-Suk repeatedly catches his intense stares filled with what he can only identify as hatred. Upon voicing his suspicion that perhaps they previously met, Dae-Gu adamantly denies this.

As time passes and the junior’s dislike and disrespect for him escalates into physical altercations, Pan-Suk starts having a growing suspicion.

You're all surrounded

What are the chances that Eun Dae-Gu is the same kid he has been looking for endlessly over the past decade?

Will he finally be able to put behind him the nightmares and guilt that have been haunting him?

And Pan-Suk is not the only one paying close attention to Dae-Gu. His newly assigned partner Eo Soo-Sun (Go Ara) is unable to dispel a sense of familiarity after they start working together. Many of her teammate’s mannerisms bear a striking resemblance to those of a certain junior from her high school years.

You're surrounded

Author’s Note

I have been wanting to share this drama with you guys for a very long time as it is undoubtedly one of my favourites.

Youre all surrounded

If you are a fellow Lee Seung-Gi and/or Cha Seung-Won fan, I urge you to give “You’re all surrounded” a try. Additionally the drama’s main and supporting cast is comprised of several other impressive names.

The story, the acting, and last – but not least – the chemistry between it’s characters will make it worth your while.

You’re all surrounded,


Youre all surrounded

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